20th July 2018

Where Are The Virgins

Word From The Father

When a woman was born, she was born with a seal of blood in her body. As long as no man has laid with her, the seal remains intact. Any man that removes the seal enters into a covenant with her. Until she dies, the covenant between them remains intact. As long that seal remains there until she marries, all her children afterwards remain pure. Why? Because her womb is pure. I Am the Almighty God. My work is good and perfect. I hate evil. Sin is an abomination to Me.

Where are the virgins! All of you have no value for yourselves. You have all lost your dignity. You defile yourselves at will. You also defile your generation. If you contaminate your womb at will, what will become of your unborn children? Then as you’re giving birth to sick babies everywhere, why are you complaining? My Word is perfect and any one of you that stand against My Word stand against his own life.

All of you advance in evil everyday. Even in My church, no one is holy. I cannot see the virgins in My house. All I see are polluted children everywhere. If a girl is a virgin physically and she’s been defiled spiritually, is she still a virgin? I Am a Spirit. I deal with Spirit, not flesh. Because of what all of you use to surround yourself everywhere, your children have taken after you. And because the children you’re giving birth to everyday are not coming from the right source, how can they keep themselves pure?

My servant should gather one-hundred young girls together in the church and segregate the virgins out of them. You’ll be surprised what you’ll see. Even Pastor’s children! If you can pick five, you’re lucky. Then out of the five, interview them if they’ve had sexual intercourse in their dreams before. You’ll end up with zero. How do you expect My Spirit to move in the church? Those I chose to be the leaders, to preach holiness, so the children can purify themselves have chosen the way of the world. As long there’s no holy one among you, the Earth will continually populate with evil seed.

If you know the truth, it will set you free only if you allow it. Can you bring purity out of impurity? I Am the only One who has power to do that. I brought down My Son to redeem your soul. No matter how your past might have been, the blood of My Son is more than able to rewrite your story. But how can you know what to do if you’re not taught? This is why all My servants have case to answer.

My Emphasis

If a young girl hasn’t defiled herself both physically and spiritually and she marries a man after the heart of the Father, every child that comes out of her womb will be pure, like Angel. But how many have such purity today? Unless you live in a remote village, far from modern civilisation and serve the Father with your pure heart, this is the only way you can produce pure and holy children. Even those who live in the remote village where the people serve idols, though they believe in the old tradition that a woman must be a virgin before marriage, the idols themselves defile the girls right from their young age. This is why you hear strange stories coming from such environment.

If a girl is defiled in her young age spiritually, this will lead her to defiling herself physically because the spiritual side of her seal has been taken away. When young girls continually mingle themselves with young boys, this is bound to happen because they grow up from different family. Even if they’re from the same parents, caution must be taken because Satan is very cunning. This was one of the reasons the Father gave His children the Ordinance of segregation in the time of old. Not only in the church, but in the families as well. If the Father Himself could segregate Adam and Eve in the Garden where there were only animals living with them, you have to understand how deep the issue of sex is. And with the teachings of the Western world in all their schools, you must know the kind of children women are producing everyday.

We live in a free world where everyone is free, free to live as you please. The Almighty Father on the other hand will never jeopardise His own Word, but still holds holiness in highest pedigree. We as His children can only follow our own heart to our own downfall if we choose to. Every day by day, Heaven cries for holiness and as long we choose to live as we please, Heaven will continually reject us as usual. The Father wants us to come to Heaven, but that which was driven out of Heaven originally will by no means gain access again through our body.

As Christians, whatever is unholy should be far from us and if we value not the message of holiness, and continually portray Christianity as we always do, cry and weeping is awaiting us at the Gate. O that my soul will hate evil! If the Father could pay the utmost price for our redemption, we too must pay the utmost price of holiness to attain that which is prepared for us.

Behold, Holiness cries in the street but finds none to console Her. She cries in the church, still no one bothers to look at Her or pay attention to Her cry. But the day is coming, when Holiness will no longer cry but laugh because the time of Her cry would be over. Then the children of disobedience will lament for peace in a land where peace is far away. But while we’re still alive on this side of life, let us yield to the cry of Holiness. Let us listen to what She has to say, so that our soul will not regret in the end. May the grace of the Father and His Son remove deadly scale from our eyes in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father and His Son for mercy any area I’ve failed Them.
2) I will not walk in the way of the world and teach my children the same.
3) I will yield to the cry of Holiness within my neighbourhood.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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