20th January 2018

Master Of Secrets

Word From The Father

Can anyone hide anything from Me? I Am the Almighty God. I know what is hidden in the depth of the sea. I Am the Owner of secrets. The secret things belong to Me. I know the evil that’s done in the dark because darkness is as light to Me. When I formed the Earth, I created everything in layers. I know what is hidden in each layer. As each planet is, so is every one of you. I know everything I put inside you.

Whatever is hidden in your heart is not hidden from Me. I can tell you all the thought of your heart. I Am the Master of all secrets. Any evil you plan in your heart, I know it. Before you plan it, before you execute it, I know it. Many of you serve Me only with your lips. I Am not in your heart. I love a heart that bleeds for Me; a contrite heart; a sober heart; a heart that bleeds because of sin. My heart is not of evil. Though I created evil for My own use, I didn’t create it to harm any of you. The evil each and every one of you is committing day-by-day has no measure. Your cup is full! Shall I judge you by your deeds? I love a clean heart. Only those whose heart is pure can behold My face. Your heart is dirty and full of evil. If you love Me, you will remove every bit of atrocity from your heart.

Does a man know more than his Creator? Could he judge himself and be acquitted? Who could stand before Me and argue his case? Am I not the Great Judge? If I sentence you, nobody will acquit you. And if I set you free, nobody will sentence you. My judgement is right and final. None is My equal.

My Emphasis

A dubious heart is a heart of evil. This was what led Lucifer to destruction. A heart of God is peaceful and loving. Any heart that devices evil is not of God. We cannot keep any secret from our Creator. We may keep it away from men, but not from God because He is the Owner of secrets.

The heart of a man is like the deepest part of ocean where the whole world can hide; yet, every hidden thing is exposed to Almighty God. Does a man know himself more than the One who created him? Could he live without his Maker? If he could live without is Maker, only then could he hide anything from Him. The verdict: Fear Him! Fear Him to whom all souls will give account of their lives.

My Task For Today

1) I will fear God and live by His Word.
2) I will naked Myself before Him always because He knows my frame.
3) I will learn to keep my heart right and away from being polluted by the world.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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