20th February 2018

Causeless Curse

Word From The Father

If I bless you, nobody can curse you. I Am the One who can deliver someone into trouble, and also deliver him out of trouble. As I like, so I run My Kingdom. If I blessed you, whoever curses you is cursed forever because no other word supersedes My Word. If I curse you, nobody can bless you. I weigh every heart, and I know every motive. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. The Great I Am That I Am is My name. I Am a Holy Father. I Am a Righteous Father. In Me there is no darkness.

When Jacob cursed his children because of his anger, he didn’t know he was the cause of what happened to his children. If a man sinned, the ground under him becomes cursed unless I reverse it. If you speak evil word out of your mouth, you automatically send demons message to act and if you’re unlucky, they will return back to harm you. A man who curses his wife curses himself, and a wife who curses her husband curses her glory and her children because husband is the glory of a woman.

Before you open your mouth to speak, it’s better for you to weigh it. Once you release it from your mouth, there is no turning back. It’s like an egg, once broken cannot be gathered together again. I Am the Almighty God. I have power over every power. I can reverse and return. I can heal and destroy. I can kill and bring back to live. I alone have the power to do all things. And if any of you have loose mouth, you know the harm that will befall you because no one put himself in contest with Me. Before you utter evil word from your mouth, before you lay a curse on anybody, you must know your heart is evil and you’re a demon. The person you laid a curse upon, are you the one that created him or her? Do you know where I brought him or her from? All of you should learn to speak good word at all times because I hate evil heart.

My Emphasis

The Bible says in Proverbs 26:2 that, “Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, so a curse without cause does not alight.” Jacob committed sin and the consequence of his sin fall upon his children. Because his children disobeyed him, he laid curse on them. Who is guilty? He was the cause for the disobedience of his children. Moses laid no curse on anybody because the Father taught him the repercussion of curses.

Noah, when one of his sons saw his nakedness, when he knew about it, he laid curse upon his grandson. He was ignorant that, when a man laid a curse upon any of his descendant, he automatically laid a curse upon his own entire generation. This was why the children couldn’t understand each other anymore and they scattered abroad. As a result of this, the Father had to wait another two thousand years to carry out His assignment through Abraham.

As a servant of God, I’ve learnt so much how to control my tongue in the midst of anger because whatever word comes out of my mouth would be established. Even in the midst of jokes, I mind what I say because I don’t want anyone to suffer because of what I say. The Father is very patient, and He wants us to emulate Him in every area.

My Task For Today

1) I will hold my peace no matter how I’m offended.
2) I will allow the Father to fight for me because I know I cannot win if I fight for myself.
3) I will surrender myself to Holy Spirit, so He could take control of every situation on my behalf.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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