20th August 2018

Nakedness In My House

Word From The Father

When I created Adam and Eve, they were both naked. Why were they naked? Because they were like little children. Though they were naked, but they didn’t see themselves as such. They took life and lived it as they saw it. Nothing to complain about and nothing to groan about. They were happy because everything they needed were at their disposal. They had nobody to keep them company except the animals in the Garden. They loved it and were happy. If you keep little children in the garden with toys they could play with, they’ll be there for hours. They’ll even forget they’ve not eaten. This was the heart of children. Adam and Eve were exactly like this. This was why I kept them in the Garden until they’ll become mature. The moment they sinned and realised they were naked, I had to give them clothe to wear to cover their nakedness. I Am the Almighty God. I Am Omniscient God.

Many of you are foolish in your thinking. The heart of children is different from the heart of adults. This was why My Son compared Heaven to little children. Little children have no shame. They could do anything anywhere. They’re never ashamed. Their heart is very pure. They hold nothing in their heart against anybody. They get along easily with each other. This is the kind of heart I love.

Many of you are going around half naked. Some even gather together naked and called it church. If I wanted it, why did I give them clothe to wear when they sinned? If I wanted it, why did I segregate My children in the time of old? Satan has opened many doors of evil to all of you. Even though you know My Word and what I hate, yet, you love to follow the desire of your heart because you love the way of the world. You have turned My house to brothel. There’s no difference between you and prostitutes, even on My pulpit. But all of you are saying I love you for whom you are. Am I a lover of evil? If I love you as you are, why did I segregate My children in the Garden? Why did I segregate My children in the time of old? All of you will reap the fruits of your labour. I love a pure heart, and only those who’re pure in heart will enter My rest.

My Emphasis

Whatever the Father does is holy and perfect. Though we may not understand it initially, but the end of it is glorious. Adam and Eve were adults physically, but the Father saw them as children. This was why He was waiting for them to mature until they’re released from the Garden and live their lives. But when they sinned, they contaminated their destiny.

The life we live today is far from where the Father wants us to be. Everywhere is full of pollution and nobody bothers about it. Everything the Father does is spiritual because He is a Spirit, and He knows what could destroy human being. Every Law the Father gave was for our own good, not for harm. Satan knows what could destroy human beings. This is the door he opens every day, door of destruction. Every idea he’ll put in human heart is an idea that leads to destruction.

If you look into the church today, how many are ready to embrace the way of the Father, the way of holiness? If you gather all the churches together, how many are treading on the path of holiness? No one is ready to embark on the journey of holiness because everyone has gone far into the world. Preachers are short of message to deliver to their congregation. They pamper the children of the Father and allow them to do whatever they like even though they know what the Father hates.

The few who understand the race of Heaven and what it entails will keep their heart pure from pollution. If the heart is pure, the appearance will be pure as well because that which comes from inside is purer than what goes inside. The Father is not weak to punish every act of recklessness in Christendom, but He’s only waiting for the last day, when everyone will appear before the gate of judgement and right there shall every reward be given to all children of disobedience no matter how little.

My Task For Today

1) I will willingly follow the way of the Father.
2) I will accept every Word of the Father wholeheartedly.
3) I will not follow the pattern of this world but the way of holiness.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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