20th April 2018


Word From The Father

A young man and woman met themselves and started living together, but they weren’t married. They were having serious problem; they were quarrelling all the time; but they were Christians. They went to a pastor who counselled them and told them they’re incompatible as husband and wife. I Am the Almighty God. Whatever I do is perfect. No one can fault Me.

I created human beings male and female. A man will marry a woman and they will live to produce children. Are they all compatible? Not at all. I know how I created it and I know how I programmed everything to work. Many of you could fast and pray for other things, but in the area of marriage, many of you failed woefully.

The young man and woman went to another servant of God who counselled them again. They told him may be their incompatibility is the cause of their problem. He counselled them to live their lives base on My Word and follow the example of My Son. This is the only way. They went and got married and continued to live their lives. The young lady later told her friends that they shouldn’t go to the church of the pastor who told them they’re incompatible as husband and wife. What an ignorant life! But did he lie to them? Not at all! He told them the truth. I know how I created human beings and none of you can understand the mystery behind it.

For a man and woman to be compatible to marry, their physical and spiritual life must be highly compatible. If I created you as a man to be My servant, the woman you will marry must also be My servant. If you fail to marry the woman I prepared for you, you will fail. This is how it is in the lives of all My children. All of you strayed away from Me and pursued your heart desire. But whenever your heart desire disappointed you, you’ll come back to Me crying. After you’ve lived the best part of your life in sin, you’ll return to Me with chaff. You’re like a woman who cooked a delicious meal and ate the best part of it but served her husband with the burnt part that lied at the bottom of the pot.

If you’re incompatible, you can still live together especially when you’ve produced children. You must look unto My Son as the serpent I hanged on the tree in the Wilderness. When My children sinned against Me and I sent serpent to bite them, they died in thousands. When Moses cried to Me, I asked him to make a bronze serpent and hang it on a tree, that whoever is bitten by the serpent, if he looks at the serpent, he would live. I hanged My own Son on the cross for you! Despite your incompatibility, if you look unto Him, you will live together happily for the rest of your lives. However, you won’t be able to do some things because you’re incompatible originally.

My Emphasis

All men are blind, only those whose spiritual eyes are opened could see and understand the things of the Spirit. If husband and wife are incompatible, they will produce wrong children. This will continue from generation to generation.

The major problem in marriage today is following our own heart to choose. Yet, our heart is full of sin and corruption. Those who followed their heart to choose the one who would walk the journey of life with them fall into so much trouble. The way of every man is right in his own eyes, but the test of time will reveal clearly that he’s made the wrong choice. You may choose to live your own life, but the moment you give your life to Jesus Christ, you’ll begin to vomit every sinful food you’ve eaten.

Children of the Most High, no matter how far you’ve gone with your wrong choice, if you look unto the Saviour who died for you, you’ll triumph. Jesus Christ is the Solution to every problem of life. As we look unto Him daily in our journey, we will end up singing a new song.

My Task For Today

11) I will ask the Father for forgiveness if I’ve made my own choice.
2) I will confess all my sins and live after the Word of the Father.
3) I will always pray and ask the Father before making any decision again.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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