1st September 2018

Skin For Skin

Word From The Father

It’s very easy to read somebody’s story and judge, but if you’re in that person’s shoe, can you stand the test. If you lose one of your children, you’ll feel it, but you’ll rely on the remaining ones. But if you lose your only child, won’t you lose your faith? You’ll even curse your God. A man may lose all he has, wife, children, possessions, but as long he’s comfortable in his body, he’s fine and okay. But if anything touches his health to the point of death, won’t he curse his God? I Am the Almighty God. Nobody dictates for Me how to run My Kingdom. I Am the Great Ruler, the Ruler of the affairs of all mankind.

Lucifer was on his own when I showcased Job before him. I was proud of Job because he served Me with all his heart. At a point in his life, he became proud of his achievement. When Lucifer incited Me to release him for punishment, there’s nothing I could do. When I released him into his hand, he only lived by holding his heart in My hands. When Lucifer touched all he had, left with himself and his wife, he was still okay, he didn’t deny Me. He incited Me once more to release him into his hands, and I did, but I gave him no permission to touch his life. He later entered his wife to push him to curse his God, but he stood still.

Am I a wicked Father? When I released him into the hand of Lucifer, if he got there and found nothing, he’ll come back to Me and asked Me why I deceived him, because he couldn’t find any instrument in him to use. If he couldn’t find any of his instruments in any man, he’ll leave empty handed. When he was able to touch Job, his own friends couldn’t understand what happened. They only judged him according to their little knowledge. I Am the Almighty God. I love challenge. If anyone challenges Me over My inheritance, I know what to do.

No matter how much I bless and protect you, you must maintain your humility. The pride of the righteous attracts temptations. If you fail to humble yourself when My comfort surrounds you everywhere, when your adversary seeks for your ruin, there’s nothing I can do. Lead us not into temptations is a prayer all of you should pray every time. If I allow such thing to happen to many of you, you’ll even ask Me to release your soul, so you can die in peace.

Whatever you are or become on this Earth, always give Me the glory. For you not to pass through such affliction like that of Job, this is why I always emphasise on holiness. The more Satan finds nothing in you, the more peaceful your life will be. Whatever I give to you, either wife or children or earthly possession, don’t let your heart be in it. When I gave Isaac to Abraham and I saw he’s taken Isaac to heart, I placed the biggest test of his life before him. It’s now left for him to choose between Me and his son. Was he his son? Isaac was My own son! Why should you hold on to what I gave you and forget about Me? This is why I don’t release My blessing to any of you because I know your heart will get carried away if I release it to you. Many of you could pray from now until you die asking for a particular thing, I will not give it to you because I know your heart towards what you’re asking Me.

My Emphasis

When the Father first appeared to me, the first thing He told me was “My son, do not be proud of anything, so I won’t release you to the hand of Satan as I did with Job.” Few years ago, the Father gave me the biggest test of my life. Based on His promise and instructions He gave to me, my wife and I packed all our luggage, threw many things away from the house and waited for the messengers of the Father to come. Everyday, from morning to evening, we were looking at the door hoping someone would knock the door. All our bags are packed, ready to be on the move. “My messengers are coming to pick you!” I heard this several times. My wife and I were very excited like little children waiting for their father to come and pick them. We were home, eating and drinking, and money was going down. For good six months we were home doing nothing. All we were doing was just waiting for the messengers. I’ve prepared all the necessary documents He asked me to pile together. All we were doing was just waiting. When I saw we had no money left, He saw my heart straight away and told me that even in the last minute, they’ll still knock on my door. When I didn’t see anybody, and no money left in the house, we became more or less beggars. We moved away from the apartment we were living and moved to a room with the help of one of my sons and few others. Many deserted us and nowhere to turn to. My wife was blaming me, and the children were blaming their mother, I too was blaming the Father. After everything was over, I realised it was a show between the Father and Lucifer. Many other tests followed afterwards. Now three years have passed, the memory of the past still remains in me.

I can only tell you the few I can tell you. Because of this journey, my wife and I have tasted many hardships and sorrow. The time is coming when I’ll write everything in a book for the next generation to see and read. Today, the life I live is like someone who’s not alive in the physical. Nothing of this Earth I can call mine and this is how the Father wants it. At a point, I was bitter, but I accepted myself as I was. The Father said to Lucifer in my presence that, “I told you that My son cannot leave Me.” I know what He meant. Before the Father will send you on a journey, He knows how the journey would be, therefore, He’ll teach you many things, so that no matter what you pass through, you’ll not question His existence. He and Jesus Christ told me at the beginning that, “No matter what you pass through in the journey, you shouldn’t complain because the Father was there while they were crucifying Me.”

Skin for skin! Until you lose everything and remain with only your life, if you still stand, then the Father will count you among His greats. No man has power to overcome evil expect he whose God stands by him in the midst of adversity. No matter what you are, no matter what you become, appreciate the Father everyday and proud not, so that the adversary will seek not approval to harm you. I pray for those of you who’re facing one test or another that the grace of the Father and His Son will carry you through in Jesus name. And when the time of your test is over, you’ll stand to sing a new song. May the grace of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit abide with your soul now and always. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will not lose focus of my journey.
2) I will remove every trace of sin from my life.
3) I will appreciate the Father every minute of my life no matter what I become through His grace.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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