1st November 2018

Ordinance Of Christianity

Word From The Father

When I called Abraham, I made a Covenant of holiness with him and his generation. A lot of things happened, and this led his children to become slaves in the land of Egypt. When My appointed time of deliverance came, I brought them out of Egypt through Moses with My outstretched arm and power to the Wilderness where I gave them My Law and Ordinance to follow. All this happened because of the Covenant I made with Abraham. Those who were not willing to follow Me, I destroyed them in the Wilderness but led their children to the Promised Land. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am a Holy Father. I hate evil. Sin is an abomination to Me.

I gave My Law and Ordinance to Moses to deliver to My children, so they could observe and follow it, so that they and their generation could live in peace in the land I promised their father. When they weren’t doing My will, I sent Prophets upon Prophets to them. Yet, they continually lived against My will because of the sin of their fathers and the ones they committed by themselves. I gave them Ordinance of blood, to use the blood of clean animals to appease their sins. I also gave them Ordinance on the kind of food they should eat. I gave them many other Laws and Ordinances to follow, so they could have peace in the land. When My appointed time came, I brought My Son and slaughtered Him, so that His blood could bring them back to Me. When they were still not willing to follow Me, I extended My arm of mercy to the whole world that, whosoever is willing could come to Me, but must pass through My Son because He is the only Way to Me. This is why you have Christians everywhere today.

The Ordinance I gave to Moses was for physical holiness, but I brought My Son to seal it up. This added spiritual holiness to it. All of you should listen attentively to what I want to say. The Ordinance I gave to Moses to deliver to My children was for physical holiness. The blood of animals cannot lead anyone to Heaven. If a man cannot be caught up to Heaven by whirlwind, then he needs blood before he could gain access to Heaven and the blood cannot be just any blood. This was why I slaughtered My Son, so that through Him, every soul could have an opportunity to come back home where they belong. The Ordinance of Christianity is physical and spiritual holiness!

All of you call yourselves Christians and you fail to find out what it takes to serve Me. You’re treading the ground like elephant, roaming around like hungry lion. This is why you could deep your hands into all manner of evil in the name of Jesus. You say the Law I gave to Moses was hard, which was physical. Now you tell Me, which one is harder? Is it physical or spiritual? All of you lack wisdom, true wisdom which is from Me. Until all of you understand and know what it takes to come to Heaven, this is when you’ll stop running a rat race, chasing after vanity.

I sent down My Son to set the example for all of you to follow. What is Christianity? What is Christlike? Those who started it, did they start like you? Did they do everything you’re doing? All of you are operating under closed Heaven because My Spirit is not with you. You hate righteousness and love evil, therefore, My hand is constantly against you Christians because of your sins. I Am a Holy Father and I hate sin. I killed many of My children in the time of old because of what many of you are doing in the church today. How many should I count? All of you commit sin physically and spiritually, yet, you want to go to Heaven. Am I not the same God of old? Am I not the same God who brought out My children from the land of slavery and slaughtered them in the Wilderness because of their sins? Now you should tell Me why you should escape My wrath.

I Am Jehovah God Almighty. My voice is like the sound of mighty waters. My voice is louder than the loudest trumpet. Every Spirit hears My voice and bow down to Me. I speak to all of you loud and clear and I don’t speak with one corner of My mouth. I have given you an invitation through My Son, so you can come to Me. I force nobody, and I threaten no one. If you accept My invitation willingly, you must also do My will willingly. If you want to come to Heaven, you must follow My Law and Ordinance of physical holiness except the shedding of the blood of animals because I have given you the blood of My Son in exchange. This makes it to become spiritual holiness. Therefore, you must follow all My Laws and Ordinances and flee from sin both physically and spiritually. This is the only way you can have the assurance of coming to Heaven. But if you accept My invitation and you fail to do My will, I Am the Almighty God, and no one makes fool of Me, I will send you to Hellfire where you’ll lament throughout eternity.

My Emphasis

The children of Israel were given the Ordinance of blood to appease the demons that were attached to their sins. However, the blood of animals could not atone for all sins. If a man shed the blood of another man, there’s no blood that can atone for the sin of such man except his own blood. Will the Father remain silent and allow Lucifer to destroy His children as he vowed? This was one of the major reasons He sent Jesus Christ because at the mention of His name – Jesus, every knee must bow. The blood of the same Jesus Christ that was shed at the courtyard of Pilate’s praetorium and on the cross of Calvary, this same blood is the only blood that can atone for all manner of sins both physically and spiritually, so that a sinful soul could be redeemed and enter Heaven.

Many Christians are of the notion that Jesus Christ came to set them free even as they continually live in sin. They don’t know that sin isn’t an object you place in your house which was covered in dust that you can wipe clean with a piece of cloth. They don’t know that sin is a living being, a spirit being. Therefore, they sink deeper and deeper everyday in the ocean of sin. The Bible says in the Book of Hebrews 9:22 that, “And according to the Law, one may almost say, all things are cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.” Sins are forgiven when the blood of animals are shed, but such blood doesn’t lead anyone to Heaven. But the blood of Jesus Christ atones for all manner of sins and redeemed the soul of a man and prepares him for Heaven.

If it’s just about life on this Earth and living in peace, the Father wouldn’t have sent Jesus Christ to die. The blood of animals would have been more than enough for the task. However, for any soul to cross from this Earth to Heaven, blood is needed to atone for his soul. When a man dies and appear at the Gate of Judgement, if he’s judged and he attains the percentage which the Father requires before final access is given, he will be cleansed with the blood of Jesus Christ, the same blood that was shed at the courtyard of Pilate’s praetorium and on the cross of Calvary.

The work of redemption isn’t a mere work. The Father did it and gave it once and for all. This is why we should celebrate the Father and His Son everyday because of the work They did for us. When Lucifer did what he did in the Garden of Eden, he had assurance that the Father would disown them as He disowned him. But the Father knew how He formed and created His physical children. Once sin has destroyed the physical body, the spiritual body could still be saved through blood. This was what the Father did. Therefore, instead of partaking in all manner of foolish and worldly celebrations, Christians should cultivate the habit of celebrating the Father and His Son.

If you’re of the notion that Christianity is easier than Judaism, that the yoke is easy, and the burden is light as many Christians misinterpret the Word of the Master in the Book of Matthew 11:30, I pray you’ll not be disappointed by the end of the day. Yes, the yoke of Jesus Christ is easy, and His burden is light only if you can eliminate the spirits of sin in you as much as possible and those you cannot eliminate will remain dormant. But it’s not an easy task and the kind of sins you’ve committed will determine how hard or easy your journey to absolute freedom would be. This is why it pays not to commit sin at all!

Beloved, I charge you this day, the first day of the eleventh month to sit down comfortably and think about your life. How far and deeper have you gone in sin before coming back to Jesus Christ? No matter how far you’ve gone, there’s hope for you and your dried bones shall receive life again. Forget about the things of this Earth and focus on Heaven alone. This is how your life and journey will become easy. I pray for you this day that Jesus Christ will cleanse and sanctify you with His precious blood and give you peace. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will rejoice because of the blood that was shed for me.
2) I will continually pray for mercy and live in the Word of the Father.
3) I will follow every Law and Ordinance of the Father with all my heart.
4) I will constantly pray to eliminate every spirit of sin in me as much as I can through the blood of Jesus Christ and the power of Holy Spirit.
5) I will walk daily with the Father in fear and trembling of heart by running away from all manner of sin.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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