1st March 2018

Wipe Your Tears

Word From Jesus Christ

A woman woke up very early in the morning to prepare food for her husband before going to work. She prepared the food, set it before her husband; he ate and said goodbye to his beautiful wife. As night falls, she waited and waited in vain; her husband refused to come home. By the time he turned up, the wife couldn’t embrace her loving husband anymore because death has snatched him away from her.

A family set out on a journey; happily, they went on their journey. None of them could foresee that death was waiting ahead. As they journeyed towards their destination, after they’ve travelled several hours away from home, they all met their death.

An expectant mother broke good news of her pregnancy to her husband. Her husband burst into joy as another member of the family was on the way. Little did they know that they wouldn’t behold the face of their unborn child. I Am the Alpha and Omega. I Am the Beginning and the Ending. I came, and I tasted it all!

When I came, I saw agony of parents. I saw how mothers wept over their children. I saw husband being snatched away from his loving wife. A loving home turned to sorrow overnight. But I knew My Father didn’t create the Earth this way because I was right beside Him when everything was made. When I was born into this Earth, the wicked King even ordered the slaughter of innocent children in order to kill Me, but I survived. Whatever happens every day on this Earth doesn’t happen without the knowledge of My Father. If each and every one of you could follow the Law of My Father, this Earth would be a wonderful place to live. Evil will always live among you no matter what you do, but they cannot take you away if you surrender your heart to Me. I came, I suffered, but I conquered death for you. If you give Me access to your life, I will wipe away your tears and put a new song in your mouth. I will rewrite your story and those who knew you before would be amazed.

My Emphasis

A life without Jesus Christ is lifeless! How could a man survive this Earth without a covering over his head? Evil is hovering everywhere, every day. The Father didn’t just send Jesus Christ to this Earth for nothing. He knew what the spirits He banished away from Heaven to this Earth could do. If they see the mark of Jesus Christ on you, they cannot destroy you instantly. As each day breaks, they seek for fresh blood because blood is their food.

The Father wouldn’t give you a child and plan to take that child away from you prematurely. He wouldn’t give you husband and take him away from you suddenly. He is not a wicked Father. If there is no covering of Jesus Christ over you and your household, then anything can happen. Even if the worst should happen, the Father will still care for those who’re alive.

Wipe away your tears! There is nothing new under the sun. Your greatest lose today will turn out to be your greatest gain tomorrow because our God is a God of second chance. No matter what you’re passing through, He will wipe away your tears and rewrite your story. Rejoice, for Greater is He who died, resurrected, and conquered death for you.

My Task For Today

1) I will rejoice in the Lord because from Him I draw my strength.
2) I will always live under the shadow of the Father because I have assurance that no evil can befall me there.
3) I will always look unto Jesus who died for me, because He is the source of my hope.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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