1st June 2018

Dont' Forget About Death

Word From The Father

If you cut a piece of meat and put it in your mouth, you’ll chew it very well before you swallow it. No matter how long that piece of meat stays in your mouth, you’ll eventually swallow it. Your life is just like a piece of meat. No matter how much you love this life, you’ll eventually leave it behind one day. Whenever death comes, you cannot say ‘no, I don’t want to die’. You don’t have power over death. I Am the only One who has power over death. I Am the Almighty God.

Sin or no sin, you cannot live on this Earth forever. You must die one day. I Am the One that determines the lifespan of individual on this Earth. Even if I allow you to live a thousand years, you must die one day. This is how I programmed it. When death comes, he’ll automatically do his own work and leave you to carry on to your next destination.

Before Satan can use you, he must first of all shut the door of your heart, so you’ll not think about death. Those who go to any length to get whatever they want never think of death. Many of them, when they know their time is running out, they’ll remember every life they’ve lived, all the wrong decisions they’ve made, their heart will full of sorrow and regret. It’s too late; you cannot turn back the hand of the clock.

Many of you live life as if there’s no tomorrow. You made wrong decisions that affected generations. Your decision put people into hardship and suffering. When you were taking those decisions, you’re a champion. If everything you did is good, why are you regretting now? It’s too late.

If many of you know how My Kingdom is, the peace and beauty that surrounds you everywhere, if somebody says ‘let me give you ten-thousand lashes so you can enter Heaven’, you’ll willingly endure and do it because this Earth is nowhere near Heaven. Yet, many of you don’t even believe there is a place called Heaven.

My children, I’ve programmed how many years each one of you will live before going back. Stay away from sin. Don’t let sin cut your life short. Live in My fear. Live under My Umbrella. If you don’t depart from My path, the path of righteousness, death cannot take you before your time.

My Emphasis

The scientists said trees in the forest can life millions of years, yet, human could live longer. But why is death taking everyone away? This they cannot explain because they don’t know it. You can only speak what you know or have assurance of.

Because people forget death, therefore, they fight because of the things of this Earth. Jesus Christ narrated it in the Book of Luke 12:13-21. Greed push many into a lot of things. Many have lost their lives in the process of fighting for their inheritance. Is life not more than a piece of land? Even Jehovah God, the Owner of the land never trouble His children because of it.

Beloved, we’re closer to our grave than yesterday. As each day passes by, we’re getting closer to our end either young or old. Once I was a year old, then I grew until I was ten, then I grew until I was twenty, thirty, forty, fifty. I will continue to grow until I’m no more. No matter how life treats you, know it for sure you’re getting closer to your end as you live each day.

The Bible says in the Book of Job 34:15 that, “All flesh would perish together, and man would return to dust.” Any man who cherishes his flesh more than is soul is a foolish man. This is why the Bible also said in the Book of Psalms 14:1 and 53:1 that, “The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”” Only a man who cherishes his flesh more than his soul is a foolish man. A wise man will always invest on his soul and wouldn’t care how much it would cost him. The world is full of Christians today, yet, many people fall into this category.

My dear friend, every day is the day of the Father and none belongs to you. You can only give an account of the days you’ve lived, you cannot give an account of tomorrow. But our tomorrow goes with us wherever we go. This is why the Father is Greater than all men. Live each day in the fear of the Father and prepare for where you’re going. Death is inevitable. Surely, he will come. But whenever he comes, may he meet good works in our hands. This is the greatest prayer.  

My Task For Today

1) I will live each day in the fear of the Father.
2) I will live my life as a stranger heading home someday.
3) I will stop running a rat race and focus my attention on my soul.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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