1st July 2018

No Luggage Allowed

Word From The Father

A man planned for a journey, he planned to travel by air. When he went to the airline office to buy his ticket, they explained to him the types of tickets they had (red, blue and yellow tickets). With the red ticket, you can carry as many luggage as you want. With the blue ticket, you’re entitled to one luggage plus a hand luggage. But with the yellow ticket, you’re not entitled to any luggage at all, not even a hand luggage. Each ticket will take you to different destination. The man decided to buy the yellow ticket for his journey. I Am the Almighty God. My way is not the way of men. My way is the way of holiness.

On the day of his journey, he packed his luggage and went to the airport. When he got to the gate, he saw his co-travellers without a single luggage in their hands. He was wondering why they had nothing with them. When it was his turn for the officers to check him in, they asked him if he didn’t check his ticket before setting out or maybe he wasn’t told before buying his ticket, as there’s no luggage allowed in the flight that’s taking him to his destination. There was nothing he could do than to turn back.

Many of you gave your life to My Son hoping your sins were forgiven, but you could still carry on living your life as you normally live. In this process, you brought many strange things into My house. My servants, because of what they wanted, because they’re offspring of Balaam, they allowed you to do whatever you want right there in My house. But you think you’re going to Heaven whenever you die. Know it now, that I, Jehovah God is not a dirty God and will never change My Law because of you.

Everything written in My Law and My Ordinance, if you go against any of them, it’ll stand against you whenever you die. Anybody can teach you whatever he wants. Any of My servants can tell you whatever he wants. I Am the Almighty God. I set the rule as I want. I Am not a wicked Father. I Am a Righteous Judge. My Word is one, and My Word is holy. You can only enter My rest if you’re holy. Whoever teaches you otherwise will lead you astray. Now that My breath is still in you, make haste and amend your ways. My Word is there for you to follow.

My Emphasis

It is a dangerous thing to undermine the Word of the Father. He has set the rules and regulations for His children to follow. Those who willingly come to Him must be ready to surrender their will and their ways. They must be ready to abandon everything at His will.

The body of Christ today is full of several strange teachings. Everyone wants to live his life as he deems fit. Everyone carries his luggage and not willing to drop them. The law of lawlessness has overshadowed the Law of the Father. Those who know the truth are afraid to speak out. Everyone is heading in the same direction.

Many gave their lives to Jesus Christ believing they could carry on living their lives as they wished. But were disappointed when they found out the truth. They couldn’t go forward, and they couldn’t go backward either. They met more than what they bargained for. Those who knew what it takes to serve the Father didn’t want to embark on the journey because they believed it’s too hard road to tread. They forgot there’s no time death cannot come.

Beloved of the Most High, pursue the truth and let it set you free. It’s very futile embarking on a fruitless journey. Since you’ve given your life to Jesus Christ, know what it takes to serve the Father. Forget your own ways and embrace the ways of the Father because this will bring you joy in the end. Drop every ungodly luggage and put on the garment of righteousness. Peace shall be yours in the end.

My Task For Today

1) I will seek for the truth.
2) I will not embark on a fruitless journey.
3) I will hold on to the truth in the Word and will not allow strange wind to blow me to and fro.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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