1st December 2018

Carryover Sin

Word From The Father

If you committed any sin and you died, if I didn’t atone for your sin because you failed to give your life to My Son, your sin will remain active until you return to this Earth again. Immediately you appear, even as a baby, your sin follows you immediately because it’s your property. If you had children before you died, they’ll also share from your sin because whatever you leave behind will be inherited by them. I Am the Almighty God. I hate evil. I hate sin. The soul that committed sin shall die.

When I created you, I didn’t impose it on any of you to serve Me. However, when sin took over your life, I started sending Prophets to bring you back to Me. This wasn’t all, I sent My Son to die, so I could redeem your soul because through Him alone you can return back to Me. This is the best I could do for all of you and if you fail to listen and follow My Word, you’ll find yourself to blame.

I Am the Creator and you cannot live your life beyond My Word. Any life you choose to live, you’ll come back to continue either good and bad. If you committed one sin, it’s waiting for you until you come back to live on this Earth again. And if you come back, it’ll be doubled because you cannot live your life without committing sin. As many times you keep coming back, so also your sin is multiplying. This is why you can see a new born baby with incurable sickness. If somebody tells you that the new born baby is suffering from the sin he committed in his previous life, none of you will believe. As long nobody atoned for your sin when you died, you’ll carry it over to your next life.

All of you think you’re clever. This is why I always laugh at everything you’re doing. If you know the kind of hole you’re digging for yourself and your generation, you’ll know how to desist from sin. Many of you think you can live your life as you please and die, that whenever you die, that’s all. Who told you? Are you the one that created yourself? Are you the one that set the rules? I Am the One! And no matter how educated you are, you cannot use your education to destroy My Word.

In a land where single boys and single girls indulge in premarital sex, how do you think that land will be? In a land where young girls are producing children without marriage, how do you think that land will be? But I was the One that gave My children the Ordinance in the time of old to kill whoever indulge in such evil. It’s evil because you’re not producing children, you’re only multiplying demons in the land. Will you tell Me what I created or I’m the One who will tell you?

Many of you in the church have no life at all. Your life is wasting away right before your eyes. Every Law I gave to you to follow holds all of you and there’s nothing you can do. Until you desist from evil, you can never have peace. When I said you shouldn’t eat, you said you’ll eat, and nothing will happen to you. When you’re facing the consequence of your disobedience, why are you crying to Me? I will leave the demons you called into your life to torment you because you bit more than you can chew.

Anyone among you who turns My Word upside down just to justify his lawlessness will pay with his own life. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Man of War. I Am the Great Deliverer. I can deliver you out of evil, and I can deliver you into evil. I Am the Authority and My Word will never return to Me empty. I have spoken My Word and so it shall be. Any life you choose to live, carry on with it. My Word will stand against you wherever you go. Which other life will you live more than the ones I created? If you go to the Dark-Planet, you will meet Me there. If you choose to go to Hellfire, there you’ll meet your end and your Spirit will be tormented for eternity. The best you can do to yourself is to strive and do My will, so you can come to Heaven. This is the only way you can have peace in the end.

My Emphasis

All of us have sinned and come short of the glory of the Father, yet, the gift of eternal life is given to us through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour who shed His precious blood for us on the cross of Calvary. Therefore, there’s no other solution to redemption than the only One the Father Himself has given to all mankind.

Many people lived their lives in ignorance and died. Many committed sins hoping the envelope of death will put an end to everything. Little did they know that nothing goes for nothing. They all came back to this Earth and face the consequence of the evil they committed. Who owns life? Is it not the Father? Who owns death? Is it not the Father? Both life and death belong to the Father and any one you choose will be your portion.

A man lived all his life as he pleased. He had many treasures and earthly material. When he realised that the way he was treading was a dead end, he turned back and handed over his life to Jesus Christ. He gave all he had to orphans without living anything behind. He lived the rest of his life in chronic poverty because Satan stood on him because of his past life. Everybody in his neighbourhood were laughing at him. They could afford whatever they wanted while he could afford nothing. He could only afford food to eat, yet, he was happy with the kind of life he’s chosen to live. He lived in chronic poverty! One day, a woman from his neighbourhood who knew him died in a car accident and was taken to Hellfire and subsequently to Heaven. She saw him in Heaven and came back to live to tell everybody. Who is the winner? Who is the loser? If you love your life, you’ll lose it when you least expected.

O blessed is the man who recognised his sin as sin and turned over to the Master for cleansing and restitution. His soul shall be redeemed, and his tattered robe shall be exchanged for a glorious robe. He shall dine with the Master on His throne where kings and queens of this Earth have no portion. His soul shall find eternal rest in the Father of all flesh because he realised his mistakes and turned back in time. This is the portion of those who value the death of their Saviour and run away from sin. They will live in peace on Earth and their soul shall be caught up to glory in the end. I hereby pray for you today that Jehovah God of all flesh will have mercy upon your soul. He will open your spiritual eyes wide, so you can see clearly the road to eternity in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father and His Son foe mercy because I am a sinner.
2) I will deal with all my sins while the breath of life is still in me.
3) I will forsake every pleasure of this Earth and embrace the Word of the Father with all my heart.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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