19th November 2018

My Word Shall Stand

Word From The Father

If I keep quiet, that doesn’t mean I Am weak. I have created all of you and gave you freedom; freedom to do whatever you like. I Am the Creator. Nobody created Me. I created Myself and I created all of you. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am that I Am. I Am proud of Myself. It is a fearful thing to offend Me. None of you know what I can do. Even all of you who claim you’re serving Me don’t know what I can do. I have said it again and again that Noah and the flood is a story. It’s a story for all of you because you were not there. But what I will do in your lifetime will be a reality. The impact will be there until I finally roll the Earth away. I created it and I alone know when it will melt away.

Anybody can introduce any law as he likes. Satan is the one ruling all of you. Even in My own church, a lot of evil is going on, how much more the nations that don’t know Me. If I could destroy My own children I brought out of Egypt because they disobeyed Me, how much more all of you. I have done it before and I will do it again. There will be silence all over the Earth because I want to prove Myself for the last time on this Earth. Whatever you know how to do, continue with it.

I do not force any of you to serve Me. If you choose to serve Me, I will reward you. And if you choose to do otherwise, I will also reward you. My judgement is set upon all of you and I will carry out My assignment. What haven’t I done because of you? I killed My Precious Son to buy you back. Did I do you evil? All of you are wicked children. I walk among you every day and none of you could recognise Me.

I see what all of you are doing and I will judge you. I Am not a talkative. If I don’t speak, all of you will not know where you’ve wronged Me. Any servant I chose, all of you turned them to liars because I keep quiet. All of you believe in lies! Nobody prays to see My anger. If I act, I don’t stop until I satisfy Myself. I have designed what I will do to all of you. The whole Earth is Mine and nobody can take it away from Me. I know your beginning, none of you know My beginning. I Am the Originator. I Am the Authority. I Am the Man of War. Nobody battles with Me and win. I Am the Great Oldman.

Of what benefit it is for you to die a painful death and end up in a place of torment? If I come down and cut you off suddenly, it will be very painful for you and you’ll continue with that pain into the greatest pain throughout eternity because you take My Word for granted. Do you think I have no other work to do than to keep speaking and you constantly take My Word for granted? I Am giving all of you the last opportunity to amend your ways before it’s too late. I know you will not listen because you love death more than life.

My Emphasis

The Bible says in the Book of Psalms 119:89 that, “For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.” The Bible says again in the Book of Hebrews 4:12 that, “For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

Right from the very day the Father sent down human beings to live on this Earth, He’s been speaking and will continue to speak until the Earth is no more. Because of the kind of life we choose to live, the Earth hasn’t enjoyed a time of peace. But the Father needs His children back! This is why He was speaking and will continue to speak, so that the remnant that hear His voice will follow Him.

Can anyone hide anything from the Father? It’s like a man hiding behind one finger. Only a fool can hide behind one finger. Everything we do, every action we take is laid bear in the sight of the Father. The Bible says in the Book of Hebrews 4:13 that, “And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.”

The Father is ever faithful to all His children, but the children aren’t faithful to themselves how much more the Father. Every time they hear the Word of holiness, they’ll run away because they cannot stand it, because their deeds are evil and they don’t want to be exposed. This is why Satan has made them comfortable in the church with their demons. As long the servants of the Father continually preach what they want to hear, praise God, Heaven here we come.

Every Word of the Father is warning to his children, so they could know their right from wrong. Unfortunately, everyone has become like Lucifer whom, when possessed by demons said he wants to be equal with his Father. Until today, he’s still facing the consequence of his foolishness. But I pray for you today that Jehovah God will give you a heart of obedience in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will live in the fear of the Father.
2) I will desist from following after satanic counsel.
3) I will hold on to the promise of the Father until the end.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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