19th March 2018

Despise No Man

Word From The Father

I Am the Almighty God. Every soul on this Earth is Mine. I love those who fear Me, who obey My Commandments. If any man does My will, He will rise to the throne of peace. He will eat with Me in eternity.

The blind, the cripple, the dumb, the leper, the mentally deranged, the prostitute, and the normal are all My children. Forget their physical state, all soul are Mine. I Am the Almighty God. I can visit you in any form. I can visit you inform of a madman. I can visit you like a man with catarrh running down his nose. I can even turn Myself to a prostitute. I can visit you in any form and you’ll chase Me away.

I turned Myself to a prostitute to test some of My children, even My servants, but they failed. I expect all of you to carry My Law around your neck like a necklace wherever you go. Sometimes, I visited some of you inform of a madman and spoke to you, but you despised Me and the Word I spoke to you. I love those who value My Word. If you value My Word, then you value Me because I Myself honour My Word more than My name.

None of you is in any position to judge the physical state of any man. Leave that to Me to judge because you don’t know why that man or that woman is like that. I know the secret of every problem and I Am the One who have the final say. Whenever I judge, My judgement is final. Therefore, I charge all of you to despise nobody because I will judge you in everything you do either good or bad.

My Emphasis

A madman, a cripple, a leper, a blindman, a prostitute and the normal are all human beings. The same blood flows through our veins. The same breath keeps us all alive. Whichever state any man may be, we’re not in the position to judge or condemn because once their physical disability is removed, they become normal like every other man.

Jesus Christ in His days despised nobody. Instead, He preached the Good News to them all. Those who had room for His message received their deliverance and glory was given to the Almighty. We’re to follow the example of Christ in all things, so that Satan will have no room to accuse us at all.

The Father desires holiness and righteousness in every form and once He finds this in any man, He will accept him no matter horrible his physical state may be. He knows the spiritual state of every man, and this is why He doesn’t judge as men judge. Therefore, let us eliminate sentiment and favouritism in any form of our dealings with each other, so that the adversary will have no room to point accusing finger on us, and above all, the Father will give us a pass mark.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness if I fail in this area.
2) I will honour every soul that comes across my way no matter their circumstance.
3) I will treat everybody with respect and dignity because I know the Spirit of the Father lives in every soul.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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