19th June 2018

What I Hate To Do

Word From The Father

If you hate evil and you find yourself doing evil, that means something lives inside you that controls you. I Am the Almighty God. I created good and evil. I created you to do good. I didn’t create you to do evil. Evil is an abomination to Me. If you find yourself doing what I hate, that means something lives inside you. And if you die, you cannot come to Me. I Am The Great I Am That I Am. I Am The Creator. Holiness is My food.

How can you hate evil and you see yourself doing evil? Somebody somewhere has reprogrammed your life. Until I reprogram your life as I originally created it, you’ll continue to rise and fall. And if you’re My servant, whenever you’re preaching holiness, they’ll continually remember your own sin. But you’ll not be afraid because My grace will be more than sufficient for you.

Many of you didn’t know yourself, but somebody knew who you were. This was why he used what he knew against all of you. As My chosen one, the mark is upon you right from your mother’s womb and he – Satan knows. He will try as much as he can to terminate your life, but it’ll be hard for him because there’s away I protect you. As you’re growing up, he’ll make you commit the kind of sin you shouldn’t have committed, so that when you rise to do My work, he’ll see something to hold against you, a rope to drag you back. But those who know their God shall be strong.

There is away you see yourself in your dream which you can tell how such thing entered your life. But if you cannot tell how such thing entered your life, that means somebody in your generation has committed wondrous sin. For example, a young girl knows she has the spirit of witchcraft, but she couldn’t tell how she got it. She’s been sold out to witchcraft long before she was born. Nobody has power over such spirit. Witchcraft is a set of controlling spirits that control their victims. As human being, you have no control over spirit. The spirits are always in control.

The spirit of sin is so powerful. Many of My servants in the time of old passed through torments and afflictions. The womb that carried a child matters a lot! If that womb is contaminated, then there’s a chaos. This was the problem Jacob had. I did everything to make sure he’s okay. But Satan was still able to use his mother to destroy his glory. This is why I hold women into account of whatever happens to their children. I value them so much because they’re working for Me. But you’ll only be rewarded if you do a good job. And if you fail, I will also reward you, and you know what I mean.

My Emphasis

How I wish I could go back to Heaven and choose my route to Earth, so I wouldn’t have to suffer pains and hardship. But only the Almighty determines the route of every soul to Earth.

Many wombs are grave of darkness. They are graves of pains, hardship and sorrow. But no matter how difficult and terrible the root of a man’s life may be, Jesus Christ has absolute power over every power of darkness because He became curse for us by willingly accepting to be hanged on that cross.

Nothing I’ve not seen, nothing I’ve not experienced. But in all manner of situation of life I might have found myself, Christ has and will always glorify Himself. I have become example of good and evil, so that the children of the Father will find comfort and assurance in whichever circumstance they may find themselves, that Jehovah God is higher than every other power that may trouble any soul.

Paul Apostle clearly narrated it in the Book of Romans 7. But many didn’t understand what he was saying. If such evil is in the root of a man’s life, he must relinquish everything of this Earth and focus on Heaven alone. This alone will make him conquer.

But there is ultimate solution. Confession, doing good, running away from sin and abstaining from every gathering that could pollute one’s garment. We live in a world where evil has entered inside good and good has entered inside evil. But in all this, the Spirit of the Father will always connect us to those who have similar heart, those who’re ready to forgo all, so that the adversary will not be able to use anyone to renew that which we’ve confessed. The spirit of evil in a man always connects him to carriers of evil.

Therefore, my beloved, rejoice, be glad and praise the name of Him who sent His only Son to die, so that through His obedience to death, we might find grace that leads to life, eternal life in the Father. Pray always; live in the Word; meditate in the Word and sing new songs always. This will take your heart away completely from the things of this Earth and be focused on Heaven alone. And when the enemy shall come life a thief, the Father and His Son will alert you, so you will not fall into his trap.

My Task For Today

1) I will guide my heart against all evil.
2) I will allow Holy Spirit to take over my weakness, so that my weakness cannot overpower me.
3) I will confess my sins always.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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