19th July 2018

The Peaceful Soul

Word From The Father

In the time of old, things were easier for My children because they lived in tents and hurts. But today, Satan has opened many doors unto you and you call it luxury. Those in power only care about themselves because they’re evil. They always think of what’ll benefit them. Everyday, the cost of living rises. They will tell you the world is changing. I Am the Creator. Since the day I created the Earth and set it in motion, it never changed, it remained the same. All of you are flesh, this is why you change like chameleon. I Am the Almighty God. I never change. I remain the same.

How can a soul have peace when evil surrounds him everywhere? Yes, it’s possible! One thing I know for sure: I gave you life, which is the most important. You need food to keep the life going, which I also provided for you. In some part of this world, you can live under the tree peacefully and nothing will disturb you. But in some part, you need proper shelter on your head because of the weather. And whatever you want to do, you must do it according to what you can afford.

Satan has opened many doors unto all of you. You’re spending more than you earn because they taught you how to live above your means. You depend on your job, you make your job your security. If your job goes, what will you do? This was exactly what happened to many of you few years ago and some committed suicide. What have you seen? All of you haven’t seen anything yet. The one that’s more than what happened few years ago is coming to hit all of you. You call it recession, but I call it famine. And if I send famine into the world, all of you should know what that means.

A soul that recognises his Father as Father is a peaceful soul. You will open down your door and no stranger will enter because I will be your Security. You will lack nothing because I will provide all your needs. As long you continually listen and follow My Word, peace will surround you everywhere. Where others are grumbling and complaining, your heart will be at peace because you didn’t put your hands into what’s bigger than you.

Peace is far from many of you because you claim you’re serving Me, yet, you follow the way of the world. When everything you use to surround yourselves failed, you’ll begin to cry to Me. Who are you crying to? What do you want Me to do? Didn’t I give you My Word? My Word is your daily manual. But you ignored My Word and followed the word of your leaders. Why are you crying to Me? Cry to your leaders who opened door of freedom to sin unto you. Cry to them and let them rescue you.

My Emphasis

Blessed is the man who doesn’t mingle with the wicked. Blessed is the man who recognises evil as evil. Blessed is the man whose hope is in his God. Blessed is the man whose security is in the Lord. Blessed is the man who fears his Creator. Blessed is the man who guides his heart against all manner of evil. He shall live in peace within and without.

A man who thinks for himself and family alone is a selfish man. If you’re able to provide for your household, there are some who were created to live their lives through the means of others. There are servants of the Father and less privileges everywhere. If you can provide for your family, you should also think of those people. How can a man provide for others when he can’t even provide for himself? Those who control the resources of the land have the heart of Satan. Because a man cannot provide for his household anymore, his wife must step in to help. What become of the children? The strategy of Satan works perfectly!

But those who know their God, whose will and hope is in their God will surely live in peace. Why? Because they solely depend on Him. They count everything of this world as nothing. They hold on to the promise of the Father and have the assurance of Heaven upon which their attention is focused. Those people will live in peace because the things of this world mean nothing to them. No matter how the Earth turns upside down, they’ll be like a rock that can never be moved. Why? Because the Father is their Hope and Security. Hallelujah!

My Task For Today

1) I will give myself peace in every area.
2) I will not allow the things of this Earth take my peace a way.
3) I will lean on the Father and His Son everyday because I know in Them alone I have found peace.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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