19th January 2018

The Sacrifice

Word From The Father

When I brought My children out of Egypt, I asked Moses to teach them how to make sacrifice so they could make atonement for their sins. It was a deadly game because My Priest had a lot of rituals to perform before and after the atonement is made. Many of My children died, including the Priest because they failed to carry out My Ordinance as I stipulated it through Moses. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Merciful Father. Sin is an abomination to Me. Many of them died before they could gather money to buy the item for their sacrifice. Some of them, after they bought the goat or ram, the demons they wanted to atone killed the animal and they had to look for money to buy another one. In that process, many of them died as well. It wasn’t easy. The more they committed sin, the more demons were eating their body. When they couldn’t resist them anymore, they gave up and died.

All of you should thank Me because of My Son Jesus whom I sacrificed for you. The sin of some of you, if I ask you to sacrifice ten bulls each day, it’s not enough. Many of you would commit sin upon sin and open your mouth and ask My Son to forgive you, just like that. Is it easy!!! It’s a battle. For Him to endure death on the cross, it wasn’t easy. All the hardship and humiliation He passed through because of all of you, it wasn’t easy. But today, you can call upon Him and His blood would cleanse you at will. That is what all of you believe because that’s what you were taught. Until you truly sober for the sin you committed, that’s the only way you can be forgiven. And if you’re truly forgiven, you would see the impact of the demons in your life. If you don’t see their impact, that means you’re not forgiven. If many people like you died because of the same sin, why do you think you would find it easy? This is exactly what landed many of you in Hellfire.

My Emphasis

Oh God Almighty, have mercy upon Your children because we’ve all transgressed Your Commandments! It is unmerited privilege to be given such an opportunity, to have a Life that is more than Life in our disposal – Jesus Christ. The Father gave up what He loved most so we could have access to Him. Sacrifice was made only once and there is no other sacrifice worthy of atonement if Jesus Christ denies us access to His blood. This could only happen if we’re not serious in our conviction and confession.

The Father requires no other sacrifice from us than the sacrifice of our Spirit and soul through faith in Jesus Christ, and the acceptance of His blood which was given as atonement for our sin, and this must be visible in the lives we live through Jesus Christ our Lord. Therefore, let us all strive daily to please Him who gave up His only Begotten Son and the Son who didn't look back in redeeming our soul for eternal glory. Praise God! Hallelujah!

My Task For Today

1) I will be sober whenever I commit sin.
2) I will strive daily to please the Father who gave up His Son for me.
3) I will thank the Son daily who didn’t deny me of my redemption.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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