19th August 2018

Only The Living

Word From The Father

If you’re in your house and fire suddenly breaks out close to the main entrance, what will you do? You’ll not think of clothes, you’ll not think of any property. All you’ll think about is how to rescue your life. If you waste too much time, the fire will consume you. It’s the body that’s alive that can wear clothe. It’s the body that’s alive that can drive a car. It’s the body that’s alive that can live in a house. A body that enters the ground is gone and gone forever. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Giver of life.

Many of you chase the things of this Earth and forget about your life. When you came here, did you come with anything? But you hold on to the world as if you’ll not leave one day. I want all of you to empty yourself! Seek My Kingdom first and every other thing will follow. Only an emptied life can come to Heaven. If you’re full of the things of this Earth, you know where your end will be.

Life is not about properties. Life is not about acquiring the things of this Earth. Life is about living a pure and undiluted life, living a life of holiness and leaving such life for your children to live. Many of you live a reckless life, a life that unbeliever will not even live. But in the church, you cover yourself with all manner of service. Am I interested in your service? Am I interested in your hypocrisy? I Am the Owner of your Spirit and I want the Spirit to return back to Me.

If you purge yourself, if you naked yourself, I will accept you just as you are. If you recognise Me as your Father, if you know who you are and where I’ve prepared for you, you’ll forget about the enjoyment of this Earth. I Am a Holy Father. I Am not a wicked Father. If you hold on not to evil, if you allow not evil to mingle with all the blessings I gave to you, you’ll remain My true son and daughter forever. But if you continually live a life of I don’t care, you’ll end up biting your fingers.

If you know the truth, let the truth set you free. I created this Earth for a purpose and it will forever remain as such. I did not seek the consent of any of you before I created it, and I didn’t seek your consent when I gave birth to you. Therefore, I want you to return back to where you come from. You came out of My loins and I want you to return back to Me. If you’re willing and obedient, with everything I asked you to do, you’ll enjoy My peace everywhere on this Earth.

My Emphasis

Life is a gift, a precious gift given to all of us by the Father. This life doesn’t belong to any of us, it belongs to the Father. Until every soul, every human being understands this concept of life, this is when peace will reign throughout the whole Earth.

A woman will willingly give her body to a man, when she’s pregnant, she’ll think of abortion. But she forgets she was once like that fetus in her womb. Anyone who values her life will not take another life. Many people fall into this category and when they realised what they’ve done to themselves, they find it hard to forgive themselves.

The Earth was created for us to live and leave. We’re not meant to live here forever. Each day is like a pregnant woman waiting to give birth. This pregnancy could either be good or evil. Our prayers every day is that each day gives us every goodness of life. But one good thing deserves another! Any life we choose to live either good or bad will affect another life.

If you look into the church today, everyone is living a life of materialism, everything is about money. The value of life is no more there, everyone lives as he pleases. But the Father is constantly looking for those who value the life He’s given to them by abandoning the things of this Earth and pursuing the things of Heaven. The Father expects not much from us, but he expects holiness and nothing but holiness from us.

Beloved, the Earth has nothing good to offer those who’re in Christ Jesus but to take what they’ve already have away from them. There’s only one life, one chance given to every one of us to prove that we can surely make it. Many of us are at a cross road, and don’t know where to turn to. But Christ is the only Example and only Hope of Christians. I know surely that the world can easily entangle us far from the reach of Heaven, but if we wholeheartedly surrender all to the Father, we can overcome every temptation of life. I pray that the Spirit of the Father will guide your Spirit from every wrong and entanglement of this world in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will appreciate the Father every day for the gift of life He’s given me.
2) I will purge my Spirit from every entanglement of this Earth.
3) I will hold on to the Word of the Father and will follow His will willingly.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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