19th April 2018

Open Your Hands

Word From The Father

If you want to give Me something, I will open My hands, so I could receive it from you. If I close My hands, I cannot receive it because My hands are already full. If a vessel is full to the brim and you keep pouring water into it, you’re only wasting your time because it can’t hold any water anymore. I Am the Almighty God.

Many of you fasted and prayed, yet, you couldn’t receive the answer to your prayers. Am I a wicked Father? You cannot receive the answers to your prayers because your hands are full. As I’m giving it to you, you close your hands. How will you receive it? You’re crying for water, yet, your cup is full. If I release water unto you, into which cup will I pour it while your cup is already full? Open your hands, so you can receive from Me. Empty your cup, so you can receive fresh water from Me.

Your cup is full of dirty water, yet, you’re crying for water. I cannot add My water into your dirty water. Sin and holiness are incompatible. When I gave you that cup, it was very clean. Now it’s dirty! You know what you did. Empty the cup and wash it, so I could give you fresh water. You committed sin upon sin, you swallowed serpent and tiger, yet, you’re crying to Me. You cheated people, you put others into sorrow because of your selfishness, yet, you claim you’re serving Me. Your hand is full of all manner of sin. Your hand is full of all the abominations I spoke about. Whenever you go to My house, you’ll raise up your dirty hands in praise of My name. I Am not a blind Father. I see everything all of you are doing.

When My Son entered My Temple, what did He do? He drove those who’re buying and selling out of My house! During the day, they would sell their products, at night, they turn My Temple into a coven of witchcraft. This is what all of you are doing! Is anything hidden from Me? Even My own servants have become abomination to Me. They commit various sins and teach My children to do the same. My house is full of atrocities upon atrocities. This is why your prayers are not answered. Wash your hands with the blood of My Son, so you can receive from Me.

My Emphasis

The prayer of a sinner is an abomination unto God. Righteousness is the key to every blessing. Transgression and unrighteousness remain an obstacle to every good and perfect blessing. Many of you spent several days in the church observing prayers and fasting, yet, the door of Heaven refused to open. Right there in the church, as you’re observing the fasting and prayers, you stood condemned and the Spirit of God in you judged you already.

The church is no more church because unrighteousness has become the garment of children of God. If not for the mercy of God, we would have departed prematurely from this Earth. Jehovah God keeps us alive because of His Son, hoping we’ll have a change of heart. Enormous grace upon grace has been given to us, yet, we constantly abuse it. But thank God for our Saviour who constantly plead for mercy on our behalf. But mercy ends immediately we leave this Earth.

Beloved, let us throw away every dirty water and let us wash our cups with the blood of the Lamb. Let us wash our hands clean with His precious blood, so we can receive from the Father what He’s purposed for us.

My Task For Today

1) I will wash my hands clean with the blood of Jesus Christ.
2) I will get rid of every dirty water and wash my cup, so I could receive clean water from the Father.
3) I will remain steadfast in serving the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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