18th October 2018

Marriage Vows

Word From The Father

When I created Adam and Eve, I created them for blessing not curse. I created them to multiply and subdue the Earth. I didn’t attach any evil to them. When I got angry and wiped off the Earth in the time of Noah, I still pronounced blessing upon them after the flood. If you look into My Word from Genesis to Revelation, and other Books written by My children, can you see where I said, ‘for better or for worse’? I Am a Holy Father and I don’t pronounce evil from My mouth unless you commit sin. All of you use your own mouth to tie down your blessing. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. Evil is an abomination to Me.

If truly you came out of My body, who do you think you are? That means every word you speak has weight, every word you speak has power. And if you pronounce evil upon yourself, Satan will be more than happy to help you carry it out. The power of life and death is in your tongue and if you’re not careful whatever you speak, you’ll end up digging your own grave.

All of you are committing sin, yet, whenever you want to marry, you’ll use curse to join yourselves together. That curse follows you immediately! On the day of wedding, every manner of spirits gather together. If they can’t find anything to hold on to, they’ll leave empty handed. After the wedding, they’ll go to their meeting weighing every word they heard from the wedding. If the ceremony is all about blessings and prayers, they will be like a woman who went to the market with full load and came back home empty.

All of you are lying against Me that what I have joined together, nobody should put asunder. You should check your heart and your marriage and ask yourself question if I was the One that truly joined you together. My son, tell them what it means for Me to join two people together. I Am the Almighty God and I Am always a Winner, not a loser. If I join you together, even you yourselves cannot separate yourselves how much more another person. Did anybody separate Adam and Eve despite the sin they committed? That’s what it means for Me to join two people together. My son, tell them! Tell them what you and your wife have experienced so far.

I Am a Holy Father, not a dirty Father. All of you gather together in the church, in My name, the gathering of evil for the sake of marriage. As you invite everybody to celebrate with you, how many demons do you think you also invite? They will give gifts to those you invited to give to you. They will give you gifts of affliction and sorrow. Some of you, after the wedding, the arrow of your life will begin to project downward instead of it projecting upward. Does My blessing add sorrow? My blessing doesn’t add sorrow. Both of you used your own hands and tongues and invited sorrow into your lives.

Most marriages today aren’t from Me. Some couples are compatible to marry each other, yet, they didn’t seek My face before coming together, so I could tell them to untie every rope of sin that tied them. However, if they quickly acknowledge My way, the way of holiness before they begin to produce children, I will take over their lives from there henceforth. Many of you are living in darkness, darkness of your own making. And if trouble comes, you’ll begin to cry to your Father whom you failed to acknowledge before embarking the journey of life. Marriage is a journey of life and it’s not what you can enter blindly. Many people enter it and they were drowned.

Two heads are better than one. In a situation where two of you come together and your life was better before you came together, that means sin has overtaken your marriage. I Am not a wicked Father. All of you should be very careful what you pronounce upon yourselves on the day of your marriage because wherever two or three are gathered, demons are gathered there as well because they live inside human beings. Let blessing and prayers be everything of the day, so that Satan will have no single room to act.

My Emphasis

When the Father formed Eve and gave her to Adam, no one was there except some of His children. But this happened in the Spirit. However, when both of them woke up to physical world, they found themselves in the midst of animals. The blessing which the Father pronounced upon them still follows every marriage today. Yes, they committed sin, but blessing was pronounced upon them before curse. No matter how sinful a couple may be, the blessing which the Father pronounced upon them in the beginning still follows them.

The origin of curse was sexual sin. This particular sin carries enormous weight of destruction. Any couple that engaged in sexual sin before marriage is under curse except they could confess and cleanse themselves before coming together. Yet, the Father is faithful. If they come together before acknowledging the Ordinance of Confession, then both of them have to pass through it together, and if they’ve given birth to children before then, that means their work of deliverance is expanded. They have more work to do because they must deliver their entire household.

When many couples are being joined together, the Father sits on His throne lamenting because He sees what no man can see. He sees all manner of evil that surround the new couple. Marriage is deeper than the way many Christians understand it. Because Christians lack understanding of the Word of the Father, they hereby fall victims of their own making. How many people are willing and ready to go to the Father in prayers before marriage? Even Pastors do matchmake couples. They use psychology and match them together. All this has brought deeper problem into the body of Christ. Many church members look at their Pastor as a father, they hereby fall into their trap.

The power of life and death is in the tongue. Somebody initiated this vow and others followed his footstep. Today, all over the world, the vow has become an ordinance, ordinance of men, ‘for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, in richer or poorer, until death do us part’. May darkness never overpower our light in Jesus name. Those who’re serving the Father should work upon every curse they’ve laid upon themselves. They should pray earnestly to the Father for using their own mouth to lay evil curse upon themselves for the sake of marriage. I pray for you this day that Jesus Christ who became curse for you will erase every curse attached to your marriage and renew the blessing which the Father pronounced over marriage from the beginning in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness in every area.
2) I will pray earnestly to the Father to reverse every curse upon my life and home.
3) I will use my own mouth to pronounce the blessings of the Father upon my life and home.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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