18th November 2018

The Water Is Ours

Word From The Father

Somebody worked hard and bought a piece of land. He cleared the bush and built a mansion on it. He invited tenants to live inside. After sometimes, one of the tenants came from nowhere and claimed that the house belonged to him. But those who were alive when the other person laboured to build the house were witnesses because they saw how he suffered to acquire the land and built the house. Woe onto you who call good evil and call evil good! You will reap the fruit of your labour here on Earth, and afterwards, I will also punish you for your evil. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Mighty-Man-In-Battle. No one spit on My face and go free.

When My son Isaac was living his live just as I asked his father Abraham to teach him, they troubled him so much, but he didn’t trouble himself because he believed in Me. His servants dug several wells and the inhabitants of the land took it away from him. He was a man of peace; therefore, he didn’t quarrel with them. He left them and asked his servants to dig another one, and another one, until they stopped quarrelling with him. But what happened to those who troubled him? Nobody knew but I knew what I did to them. This is why I said nobody spit on My face and go free because anyone who troubles My anointed troubles Me and I will deal with him and his generation.

The water is ours! The house belongs to my father! Were you there when your father bought the land? Were you there when he cleared it and built the house? Your father forcefully took another man’s property and you happily inherited it. You’re happy upon another man’s sorrow. You’re happy upon another man’s sweat. This is why peace is far from many of you.

You are there in the church and you cannot understand the root of your problem. You’ve lived all your life on other people’s sweat. Now everything is telling on you. You don’t know which way to follow and what to do. When you gave your life to My Son, nobody taught you about confession and restitution. You taught you could get away with everything you’ve done. Some of you, the house you’re living, the car you’re driving, everything you’ve acquired, you know how you got them all. Judge for yourself how your life will be on Earth how much more Heaven if only you near there.

The most dangerous thing a man could do is to lay foundation of evil for his generation to inherit. They will live to suffer what they don’t know. Many of you fall into this category. It’s better for you to live under the tree than to live in a stolen mansion because you cannot bear the consequence of what will follow in years to come. If Satan wants to take revenge on you, especially when you say you’re a Christian, you cannot trace the root of your predicament at all.

In the time of old, I gave various Laws for My children to observe, so they could live a peaceful life. Nowadays, many of you think I’m a wicked Father. Who is wicked between Me and you? Who can’t sleep well on his bed? Who is evil befalling his children? Are you not the one? Why are you troubled? Why are you sorrowful? Ask yourself question! Whatever you sow you shall surely reap. No matter how long it takes, even if you’re not the one that committed that sin, you’ll also suffer the consequence because you come out of generation of evil blood.

My Emphasis

In the Book of Genesis 26, the Bible narrated the life of Isaac at Gerar how he dug several wells and the herdsmen of Gerar took them away from him. Yet, he contested not! When he dug another one and they didn’t take it away from him, he rested from digging. Many of you may look at it as a mere thing, just digging a well, but it’s more than that. Satan will always find a way of discomforting the chosen of the Father. But if you know your God, you’ll know your next course of action.

On this Earth, nothing worth fighting for because everything will remain here even when you’re no more. If you labour all your life, so that your children will not suffer, I tell you the truth, you’re building the foundation of your life on futility. The only kind of labour you’ll invest your life in is holiness. If you lay the foundation of holiness for your children, they’ll build on it. The Father will watch over them and their inheritance after your departure from this Earth.

Nobody knows the secret of evil except whoever got the revelation from above. And even though you got the revelation, if the solution is not given to you, you’ll still remain where you are. The Father is a true Father and he will not allow evil to befall you. However, if you choose evil, if you willingly depart from His path, even after He chastised you and you still fail to yield to His call, He’ll allow evil to have its way in your life.

The water is ours! Yes, it’s very easy to fight and take another man’s property. But when you’re facing the consequence, though you might have passed away, your children and their generation will come to face the consequence because you thought you were clever. This is why you see some family passing through a particular problem and nobody could give them the solution. The worst thing a man could do to himself is to unlawfully takes another man’s property. If that man lays any curse on you and he’s still alive, then you’re very lucky. But if his blood is spilled through your hands, everlasting hardship and sorrow will be the portion of your entire generation.

Beloved, the race of holiness consists of many things, perseverance, contentment, endurance, hope, faith, kindness, forgiveness, love. If we have all these attributes, then we have the Father’s kind of heart. And if we have the Father’s kind of heart, oh, how happy our lives shall be. I pray for you this day that Jehovah God will give you the grace to look beyond physical things, so that Satan will not hijack your heart and lead you to the land of sorrow in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will not build the foundation of my life on another man’s sweat.
2) I will follow the footstep of my Saviour, though being a King, he lived a lowly life.
3) I will live my life in the fear and reverence of the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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