18th May 2018

Unclean At Death

Word From The Father

When My children were in the Wilderness, I gave Moses various Ordinances they should observe. I asked them to always make atonement for their sins with the blood of animals. Did I ask them to sacrifice disabled animals for atonement? No! Because what’s unclean remains unclean. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy Father. Evil is an abomination to Me.

If a child has physical deformity, automatically, his deformity lies in the hands of his parents either directly or indirectly. If there is accumulation of sin in a family and I’ve already destined a glorious child to come out of that family, all the accumulated sins will fall upon that child as a result of physical deformity. But this child was meant to be a hero! Every good and perfect gift comes from Me.

Whenever such child dies, because he’s already unclean to Me, his Spirit will remain in the Dark-Planet awaiting to be deployed back to Earth again, but through another family entirely. I Am the Almighty God. You can only know what I want you to know. Knowledge begins and ends in Me.

I was the One that gave birth to all of you. You are all My children both the clean and unclean. However, because of your physical deformity, you’re already unclean and I cannot take your Spirit to Heaven anymore. You must wait until you come back to this Earth again through another family where you can live a healthy and normal life. If you still fail to do My will, so I could atone for your sins with the blood of My Son, and you die, you’ll still come back to this Earth again. You will keep coming back until you meet My need to accept your Spirit.

Until you meet My need, until you meet the need of Heaven, you cannot enter there. I Am the Revealer of Mysteries. I have a lot to teach all of you, so you’ll learn how to run away from sin and teach your children and their generation how to run away from sin. Many of you don’t know that your action could bring everlasting sorrow to your generation. When you’re doing it, if somebody’s warning you, you wouldn’t listen. You thought you’re clever. But your action brought everlasting pains and sorrow upon your generation.

My Emphasis

If many of you know how the consequence of evil works, you’ll have the fear of the Father always. Many of you thought the Father was wicked when He sold Africans as slaves. You are foolish! If you know how the Father gave birth to His children and the impact of idolatry and witchcraft on them, you’ll be very careful what you think with your heart or say with your mouth about the Father.

Many years ago, there was a man who lived in a small town in one of the African countries. He was bragging among his friends ‘I will do it’. And his friends said no, they wouldn’t do such a thing. He kept bragging he would do it. But what was he bragging about? He was bragging he would bury a pregnant woman alive, and he did it. Now tell me; what kind of life do you expect the generation of such man to live? Every good thing of this Earth will be far away from them wherever they go unless they give their lives to Jesus Christ and denounce such evil family forever.

In Europe, they count everything as normal. Satan is very clever. Because of the action of somebody, he could make a whole nation suffer the consequence of his action. For example, if a child is born with deformity, the life of the parents change forever as long that child is alive. No parent wants to kill his or her own child willingly. They will try all they could to care for the child. The state as well will keep spending money on that child and there will never be any solution. Such kind of problem, no medical means could solve it because it’s spiritual. But such case is a mere thing in the hand of the Almighty.

There was a white lady in England who tried her witchcraft power on the sex of her unborn child. The child was born a boy. As he was growing, everything about him started changing to a girl. The only difference between him and a girl was his manhood. Yet, the society counted it as normal. This was the reason why the Father destroyed many nations in the time of old and it will happen again.

As a child of God, if you’ve whole heartedly given your life to Jesus Christ, and you’ve confessed your sins, no matter what happens in your life, do not panic because the Father knows about it and He is the Solution to every problem.

My Task For Today

1) I will confess my sins and rededicate myself and my household to Jesus Christ.
2) I will give no room for Satan to put his signature on my blessing.
3) I will walk diligently with the Father because my eye is blind, I cannot see.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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