18th March 2018

Sour Fruits

Word From The Father

A man acquired a large piece of land, he cleared it and planted various trees on it. As the trees were growing, he watered them. He laboured very hard and had the assurance his trees would one day produce many sweet and beautiful fruits for him to eat. After many years of hard labour, his trees began yielding fruits. As the first tree yield its fruits, he was very happy. He waited until the fruits were ripe. One day, he plucked a fruit from one of the trees. To his astonishment, it was sour. He plucked another one, and another one, and another one, all of them were sour. He turned and plucked from another tree, and another tree, and another tree, all of them were sour. Then he said to himself, “I have laboured in vain all these years and my reward is sour fruits. I will uproot my trees and plant another one.” I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator. I Am the Great Deliverer.

I laboured so hard to build this Earth. All of you are teaching what you don’t know! It took Me several years to build this Earth. I built My House and brought you to live in it. You did not only vow to set fire into it but vowed to destroy it and pull it down. What do you call yourself? If you violate My rules and regulations, I have absolute right to evict you out of My house. When My son Lucifer wanted to set fire into My house and destroy it, what did I do to him? I rejected him and drove him out of My House. As I did to him, so will I do to many of you.

If you pluck a fruit and give it a bite, you discover it’s sour, you will spit it out of your mouth. What kind of fruit are you? I cannot eat any of you because you’re sour. You’re not only sour, you’re also bitter. Why are you sour? Why are you bitter? But when I planted My trees, they were all sweet. How come you’re now bitter? You should ask yourself. All of you choose your own way and abandoned My own way. You broke and abandoned My Law and Ordinance. As a man spit a sour fruit out of his mouth, so will I spit you out of My mouth.

My Emphasis

When Our Saviour appeared to Apostle John on the Island of Patmos, He revealed seven different churches to him. Out of these seven churches, only two were right standing. This was more than one-thousand-nine-hundred years ago. If it were this generation, I wonder if one will still stand because every church is full of sour fruits.

What kind of fruit are you? If the Father is to bite you, won’t you ache His teeth? Willingly, we gave our lives to Jesus Christ. We weren’t blindfolded like those that were kidnapped. Our eyes were wide opened. We were in our right sense. But we’ve imported stranger into the house of our Master. Bastards have taken over the Kingdom and we follow their footsteps. What kind of fruits are we? If we’re good for nothing and the Owner of the house evict us, where would we go? If we’re sour and bitter, aching the Master’s teeth and He spits us out of His mouth, what will become of us? The time has come for all of us to go back to the drawing board. Let us go back to Bethel where we made a covenant with our God. Let Jesus Christ take away every sourness and bitterness from us and replace it with sweetness. The axe is already placed at the bottom of the trees ready to be cut down.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness if I ache His teeth through the life I live.
2) I will examine myself carefully to know the area I fail.
3) I will ask Holy Spirit to help me turn a new leaf, so I can become sweet in the mouth of the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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