18th July 2018

Beloved Of Jehovah

Word From The Father

If I favour you, who will disfavour you? If I lift you up, who will bring you down? If I deliver you, who will enslave you? I Am He who created the Heavens and the Earth. I reign and move in My majesty. No one can question Me. I run My business as I want. If I favour you, you must be happy because you’re untouchable. No matter what happens, I have ultimate power to tell Satan shut up because you’re like a pen in My hand. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah the Great Deliverer is My name. None is My equal. No one can stand before Me. I Am a Mystery of Mysteries. Nobody sees Me and live. I Am a Fire that consumes fire.

Before the birth of Moses, Pharaoh of Egypt and his people knew a deliverer would be born. This was why he ordered the great slaughter of My children. They killed many of them because of Moses. What happened by the end of the day? The same person he wanted to kill grew up under his roof. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Spirit of Spirits. I reveal Myself to whoever I want. I can only allow you to see what I want you to see. Whatever I don’t want you to see, I will hide it from you. Who is more powerful than I? No one!

You were trying to kill somebody, but the same person came to live with you and you didn’t know. Can’t you see you’re foolish? All of you that claim you have power, you can only brag if I allow you. When I favoured Nebuchadnezzar My servant, the King of Babylon and he thought he had power, what did I do to him? I made him crawl like an animal in the Wilderness for seven years to prove to him that none is My equal. Satan can hold your heart to do what you’re not supposed to do or say what you’re not supposed to say. But when I appear, the same Satan will run away from you because he can’t wait to receive My wrath.

I Am the Almighty God. I work with time! If I choose you and the time is not yet ripe, Satan will use many people to torment you, so you won’t have peace, so you can deny Me. But when My time comes, all those who tormented you will come back to crawl before you. When I brought My Son and I revealed Him to many people, Herod thought he had power to destroy My plan. I hid My Son for a while because the time hasn’t ripe for His Ministry. Not too long, the same Herod died like a worm. Unless I don’t want to act! If I want to act, all of you will know you’re in trouble. And if My hand is upon any man and Satan enters your heart to torment him, you must know who you’re tormenting. You’re tormenting yourself and your generation. When My children crucified My Son and He prayed I should forgive them, did I forgive them? They’re still paying for their sin until today. Nobody spit on My face and go scot free.

If you’re My beloved, rejoice because you have Me. Rejoice because I will always be there for you. My peace will surround you everywhere you go. Yes, Satan will always raise people against you because of who you are and what you stand for, but I will always vindicate you. Those who touched you will blame themselves in the end because I’ll make them reap everything they did to you. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am Jehovah the Man of War.

My Emphasis

The Father never advertise His assignment in the life of His beloved. He always deals with him discretely. When He called Abraham, no one knew anything except those he spoke to. And all those who favoured him because of the Father were blessed. Those who stood against him, the Father destroyed many of them. When Moses rose up to deliver the children out of Egypt, he had many oppositions. Many people rose up against him among the Jews. But the Father wiped them away in the sight of everybody. It came to a point where they were afraid to look at Moses.

Since the Father have been dealing with me, a lot has happened along the line. There are some people the Father will purposely keep alive to witness your rise to glory. There are some He will wipe away because they crossed their boundary. One thing the Father always tell me is to be careful among His children, and I know what He meant. As I’m still moving around people, if the Father gets angry for whatever reason, death will flow like a river. The Father is a consuming fire. This is why He said I should be careful among His children and I got the message.

When Satan shot every door and said I wouldn’t earn my living, there was a place where I was working to earn my living before the Father takes me to my destination. Suddenly, Satan entered a young man who rose against me without any cause because he’s a deputy manager. I’m that kind of person who doesn’t like praying about somebody. I spoke to my Father to look into his case. The same man later became the tool of promotion for me. He didn’t know what happened why he suddenly had a positive change of heart towards me, but I knew what happened. If the mark of the Father is upon you, who can erase it? Anyone that raise ugly hand will raise it to hit himself.

Pharaoh of Egypt tried all he could to destroy Moses. But the same child grew up under his nose. He cared for him like his own son! Even because of him, some ill-treatment he and his people would have inflicted on the Jews were withdrawn because of Moses, because his light covered all of them. This was why Satan found a way to drive him away, so that his hand could touch the Jews. But I pray for you today in the name of Jehovah God the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and the name of Jesus Christ the Saviour that your primary enemy will work for you to eat.

Beloved, all the Father requires from you is for your hands to be clean. Though you cannot be holy as the Father, but try your best and leave the rest for Him. In everything around you, you’ll surely see His hand. If any man raise hand against you, he’ll end up hitting himself because the Father will fight for you. What a glorious Father we have! Blessed be His Holy name. Hallelujah! Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will not be afraid because of any man, because I know the Father, the Man of War is with me.
2) I will not cross my boundary, so I won’t give the enemy a tool to hurt me.
3) I will live and move in the power of the Most High because I have the assurance that with His backing, I’m untouchable.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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