18th February 2018

That I Might Dwell

Word From The Father

A father had two sons he loved. Every morning, the eldest one would greet his father ‘good morning’ and went on his way. Whenever he came back, he would also greet his father and went to his room until the next morning. The youngest one came every morning as well. He would greet his father, asked of his wellbeing and what he could do for him. Whatever his father wanted him to do for him, he would tell him. Whenever he came back in the evening, he would also greet his father and asked of his wellbeing. As usual, he would ask what he could do for him before going to bed. Out of these two, which one knew more about their father? The youngest one! I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Father. If you love Me, you will seek Me, and if you seek Me, you will find Me.

A soul that loves Me always yearn for My throne. A soul that loves Me always loves to dwell in My presence. If you’re close to Me, I will be close to you. But if you’re far away from Me, I will be far away from you. Though I’m your Father, but if you know Me as your Father, I will know you as My son. I will fight every battle for you. I will never be far away from you because you recognise Me as your Father. I will always tell you current news from Heaven. What I wouldn’t disclose to anyone, I will disclose it to you because you love Me and value Me as your Father.

Many of you love your own life; you value yourself more than My throne. If you fail to prepare for the place of your rest, when the time comes for you to go home and rest, where will you go? You have your daily routines. You love the things of this Earth. You even value the Earth more than the Creator. This is why evil befall you all the time. If you’re close to Me, if you spend adequate time in My presence, I will reveal to you before any evil comes. But if you fail to dwell in My presence, you’re on your own.

My Emphasis

If there is anything I value so much in life, it’s dwelling in His presence. The Father brought the Jews out of Egypt. When they got to the Wilderness, He fed them for forty years while He was preparing them how to live in the Promised Land. They did no work, yet, they were eating. What a Good Father! If a man has a tent on his head, food to put into his stomach, cloth to cover his nakedness, what else is he looking for? Luxury!

The presence of the Father is full of joy! The presence of the Father is far from trouble. Dwelling in His presence daily should be the desire of every child of God. Unfortunately, we overwork ourselves to the extent we have no time for Him. When the body is tired, Holy Spirit cannot reveal anything to you. If He does, you can’t hear because the body is as far as dead.

O that I might dwell in Your presence, for in Your presence, joy and happiness are originated. If I could spend all my days with You alone, my soul will be happy all-day long. Happy is he who loves his God. He will be a blessing to himself and his entire generation.

My Task For Today

1) I will learn to spend adequate time with the Father.
2) I will ask the Father every day what He wants me to do before I table my request before Him.
3) I will dwell richly in His Word because His Word gives me life.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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