18th December 2018

There Is No Shortcut

Word From The Father

If fire is burning you, you know what to do. If you’re comfortable with your fire, carry on with it. Nobody will force you to get out of your fire. Even though I’m seeing what you’re passing through, I cannot force you out of it. If you’re not comfortable with your fire, you’ll cry to Me. And if you cry to Me, I will look at the cause of the fire and put an end to it. If fire burnt your properties but the house is still standing, will you wait for Me to clean your burnt house? That is no more My business! You will know how to clean your house by yourself. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Great Deliverer.

If I look at all of you as you gather together in My house, fire is burning all of you. Many of you are crying, weeping, but if I tell you what to do, you’ll say it’s too hard. Many of you know the right solution to your problem, yet, you love to stay inside your fire, but you’re crying and weeping. What do you expect Me to do? Many of you, the only good time you have is when you’re among other people. By the time you’re inside your house, the demons you carry inside you will begin to torment you again. Your fire will begin to burn you again. But not too long ago, you were inside My house singing and dancing, giving fake testimony.

Many of you think your crying and weeping can bring solution to your problem. You think your praise and worship can cleanse your dirty hands. I Am the Almighty God and My Word will never return to Me empty. If you finished eating your food, will you wait for somebody to help you wash your hand? If you know how to eat, you should also know how to wash your hand. If you cannot wash your hand after your meal, it’s your hand, you can live with it. Every Law I gave, every Ordinance I gave was given for a reason. And if any of My servants think he can lead you through a shorter route, he’ll carry the load of another person.

Where was My Son crucified? Did they crucify Him at night? Did they lead Him through a secluded route? They led Him through an opened street, in a broad daylight. They crucified and naked Him! They had no pity on My own Son. Why should I pity you because you’re crying and weeping? When My Son was in pains, when He was in sorrow, did anybody have pity on Him? Why should I pity all of you? I Am telling you the solution to your problem, but you think you know more than Me. Remove your hands from evil, remove your hands from sin, you’ll say no. You’re waiting for Me to help you vomit the food you ate. Am I the one that forced the food into your mouth? When you were eating it, you were happy. Now that it has hanged on your throat, you’re crying. Keep crying and weeping silently. Whenever your body is too weak to carry your Spirit and soul, death will come. If death comes, judgement will take place. If judgement takes place, whichever category you fall into, They’ll lead you there.

It is high time for all of you to know there’s no shortcut to Heaven. Heaven has only one route and that route is My Son. My Son is the route to Heaven. And for you to pass through Him, you must be ready to wash your hands clean from every dirtiness. You must be ready to vomit every food of sin you’ve eaten. I don’t need to speak too much, you know your heart, you know how far you’ve gone. A day is coming when you’ll close your eyes and cannot open it anymore. Judgement will take place.

My Emphasis

On a field are eight athletes, and each had his own track. If anyone among them crosses to another track, he will be penalised for it. In fact, he’ll be dismissed. Whichever track you start your race from, you must also finish it on that same track without crossing to another track. The race to Heaven has just one track for everybody which is holiness.

No matter who you are, no matter how wise you think you are, you cannot pass through shortcut to Heaven. You must pass through the correct route. You must pass through Jesus Christ. And if you give your life to Jesus Christ, that’s just the beginning of your journey. You must be ready to drop every load of sin you carry. This was why He said in the Book of Matthew 11:28 that. “Come unto Me, all you that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Jesus Christ is the only One who can take your load away from you. What kind of load? The load of sin! If you carry a load on your head and somebody tries to help you, if you refuse him, will he force you to take the load away from your head? He will not force you. Yes, Jesus died on the cross of Calvary for many, yet, only those who’re willing will drop their load at His feet. Though He died for everybody, but He will not force anybody to come to Him.

As the Father loves His children, so also, He will not force any man to come to Him. Though He wants you to come to Heaven, but He will not force you to come to Heaven. If you’re going to visit a friend and he willingly opens the door of his house to you, if you fail to enter, will he force you? Jesus Christ is calling many people everyday to come to Him, yet, He will not drag anybody to Himself. Like Father like Son, both of Them mind Their own business. The Father called in the Book of Isaiah 1:18a that, “Come now, and let Us reason together.” If He called you and you refuse to answer, He will not force you. He will leave you to be on your own.

Many people came to Jesus Christ, but they were not willing to do His will. If you identify yourself with somebody, that means you’re ready to do whatever that person tells you to do. Unfortunately, many Christians aren’t willing to do the will of Jesus Christ, the will of the Father, yet, they want to go to Heaven. Father, You know me, You my weakness, please accept me as I am. But the Father is telling you that you should pass through the same route you passed when you walked away from Him, but you want to pass through another route. The Father works on principles! Until you willingly drop every load of sin at the feet of Jesus Christ and follow Him willingly as He leads you, you have absolutely no part in Him. It doesn’t matter who you are! You must willingly follow Him as He leads you. If you’re not ready to follow Him, that you want to take a shorter route because the one in which He’s leading you is too long, too hard, too stressful, you’re only deceiving yourself. Until you surrender everything to His will no matter how difficult it may be, there’s no way you’ll partake at His table. I pray for you today that the Spirit of Jehovah God in you will continually pant for the water of life that leads to eternal life in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for mercy because I wanted to take a shortcut.
2) I will surrender everything at the feet of the Master willingly.
3) I will follow the Master as He leads Me, one step at a time.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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