18th August 2018

Spiritual Hoarder

Word From The Father

If you go to the market and buy a pack of juice, you’ll drink and dispose off its container. But instead of disposing it, if you keep it, it’ll occupy your space. And if you buy another pack and another pack, and you do the same, your space is becoming limited. Everything you buy in the market comes with a container. And if you finish the food inside the container, you’re meant to dispose it or recycle it. Instead of you disposing it, you keep it. Not very long, your house will become unliveable. If you’re living this kind of life and you have children inside, your children will grow up to do the same thing. I Am not talking of physical issue but spiritual. I Am a Spirit. I Am the Almighty God. Evil is far from Me.

Many of you inherited scorpions, tortoise, cankerworms, cockroaches from your parents. All these live inside your body. For you to be able to deliver yourself out of such thing, you must work very hard. All this makes you a spiritual hoarder. Until you deliver yourself out of it, you cannot enter My rest. Every Law, every Ordinance I gave was given because of all this. I Am the Creator and I know what I created. Since everything happened in the Garden of Eden, My children haven’t had peace. Because of your sins, different kinds of creatures live inside your body.

On this Earth, I know everything that lives inside My children. When I looked down and saw everything that live in them, where will I begin with their cleansing? From parents to children, from children to their own children, where will I start from? These are all the things I hate! But I gave My Son just as I hanged the serpent in the Wilderness for those who were bitten by it, so they could look at it and live, so also those who look unto My Son would be delivered and live. It’s not enough screaming and shouting, praying fruitless prayers to Me. What matters is what I’m saying now! All of you are spiritual hoarders, and until you eliminate all the nonsense out of your body, you cannot have peace, and not only that, you cannot enter My rest because whatever live inside your body will also live in your children. This is why you see generation of evil everywhere.

My Law is My Law, and My way is My way. You cannot continue to live with strange spirits inside your body and think you’re coming to Me. I used many of My servants, many of My Prophets to shed more light on My Word, for all of you to know what I require from you. When My Son came to this Earth, everything He taught was spiritual, not physical. When I gave My Law to Moses to give to My children, and I gave strict Ordinance to kill whoever disobey it was because of what many of you carry inside you today. All these creatures were created to live on their own, not to live in your body. I didn’t create you with them together. You know where you got them from. Therefore, serve Me in the Spirit, not in the flesh by eliminating all that nonsense out of your body because the body belongs to Me.

My Emphasis

Some people could not do without keeping rubbish in their house because of what they’ve passed through in life. If you visit them, you can hardly breathe, yet, they’re human beings like you. The trouble of life has turned their lives upside down. They may be lucky to see those who’ll help them clear their environment and encourage them to live a better life. This is physical, what about the spiritual?

Christianity is spiritual, not physical. If all of you understand it as such, you’ll know how to place your feet and the kind of decision you’ll make in life. Evil spirits were created in different categories. Some of them are like animals while some are like human beings. The Father doesn’t add one spirit to another. This is what the Father wants His servants to deal with in the lives of His children, not teaching them how to offer foolish service and sacrifice and serving the Father in ignorance.

The Spirit of the Father is inside everybody. No matter what we pass through in life, this Spirit is still there to lead us and open our eyes to see the dark side of us. Though many times, the Spirit may not be active anymore because of all the rubbish that covers it. But anytime the Word of the Father makes its way through our ears into our heart, the Spirit will be revived. Many times, if we stand in the presence of the Father in praises and worship, the Spirit will groan within us, alerting us that, “I am dirty; I was not made like this; remove all this rubbish from me so I could breathe.”

Every single minute we spend in the presence of the Father is a time for deliverance. The Father always takes something out of our body and replaces it with His Spirit. The nature of human beings is very complex and so is the Spirit as well. The Spirit is like a clear glass without blemish, and the Father wants it to remain as such. Because of sin, the Father doesn’t want anything to affect this Spirit even if it affects our body. If it remains as such, He wouldn’t have sent the Saviour. When He looked and saw that the sin we commit day by day affects our Spirit, this was why He sent the Saviour, so that through Him, the Spirit of His children will return to Him.

My beloved, work upon yourself everyday. Not every sickness makes man to be insane! Until you understand the will of the Father and what He requires from you, and if you analyse yourself, you’ll know a lot is wrong with you. And if you know a lot is wrong with you, you’ll know how to seek the right solution to it. There’s no other solution than the One the Father has given to all men. His blood alone can cleanse our Spirit and makes us pure once again. This is the journey of every child of God, especially those who’re ready to finish the race. We must continually wash and purify ourselves everyday because we can never be clean enough. May the power of the Most High God carry you through and help you to overpower every spirit which He hasn’t planted in you in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will cleanse my Spirit and soul with the blood of Jesus Christ every day.
2) I will eliminate every stranger in me as much as possible, so I can be pure for the Father.
3) I will live the rest of my life in the fear of the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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