18th April 2018

Stranger In My House

Word From The Father

If you have a dog in your house, he’ll recognise every member of the family. Whenever they go out, at their return, he’ll run quickly after them shaking his tail. Though he speaks, but they cannot hear what he’s saying. He’ll use his body to rub them as a physical sign telling them ‘welcome’. But if a stranger, a visitor enters the house, the dog will run after him and start barking. If the dog is a strong one and is not tamed, he’ll bite him if care is not taking. Why? Because he’s a stranger. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am.

If you’re living in a house, you know everything you have. If somebody wake you up suddenly from your sleep, you can talk about all your belongings and the exact place you kept each item. As a stranger, you know nothing about the house and everything in it. You don’t live there, you only go there to pay a visit. So are many of My children in My house. Yes, you wake up very early, but is your name in My Book, the Book of Life? If I should put an end to the life of all men, how will your end be?

Many of you are service men and women in My house, yet, you’re strangers. You don’t know what it takes to serve Me because you only mark your register in My house, just for people to know that you belong. Is God a man? Why is He speaking like a man? I Am a Man, but you cannot see Me! I know every thought of your heart. I come down in a different form for you to understand what I’m saying. If you fail to listen and follow My Word, I will judge you whenever you die.

All of you saw a river and you jumped into it. You thought the river was shallow, but never knew it was deep, very deep. You think I was joking when I slaughtered My Son for all of you. You think to serve Me is just a word of mouth. Until your Spirit and soul know you’re serving Me, this is the only way you can have a part in Me. All of you should forget about your customs and traditions. Your service, the marking of your register in My house will not take you to Heaven. Only your holiness will take you there! You work like an elephant and eat like an ant; you toil day and night and eat the bread of sorrow in the end. Is that the kind of life I chose for you to live? I Am not a wicked Father! The whole Earth is Mine! If the whole Earth is Mine, why are you suffering? Because you’re a stranger in My house! You don’t belong here; in fact, I don’t know you because you’re all workers of iniquity.

My Emphasis

When my sun is set, and strength is taken away from my bones, when the darkness of this Earth engulfs my eyes in death, when I wake up to embark on a journey of no return, O Lord I pray, may my soul not be found wanting.

O when I loved God, waking up early to prepare for His house, when I was the first among the worshippers to appear in His presence, when I put His house in order after the departure of everybody, O Lord I pray, may I not be cast away in the end.

I implore you my Spirit and soul to work together, work together in this journey of life. As the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit never work separately, I implore you to work together for my own good, so that your Creator, our Father will cast us not away in the end.

It is too late for the mouth to open when the head is already off. When there is still the breath of life in you, set your life straight because no man knows his fate. A whole day is too long for a man to decide where he heads to. A profitable decision last only seconds. Sit down, think deep where you’re coming from and where you’re going. You know where you’re coming from because you lived it, but you only know where you’re going by faith. Surrender your total ‘you’ to the Master and let Him lead you all the way through. In your willingness to serve and do His will, He’ll surely hold you by the hand and lead you home. Glory to God!

My Task For Today

1) I will not be a stranger in my own house.
2) I will put aside everything that categorises me as a stranger in His house.
3) I will look neither left nor right in this journey, rather, I’ll be very focus, so I could reach my destination in peace.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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