17th September 2018

Who Is My Enemy

Word From The Father

A woman’s son was in trouble. She was worried for the life of her only son. She tried all she could, so he could avoid prison. She spent all she had, she spent all her energy until nothing was left. On the night before the verdict, she saw herself in a dream sat as the presiding judge to sentence her son. She sentenced him to ten years. When she woke up, she knew exactly how many years the judge would give her son to spend in the prison. However, she didn’t understand why she had this kind of dream, sat as a presiding judge and sentenced her own son. On the day of the judgement, everything came out just exactly as she dreamt. I Am the Almighty God. I know every secret. To Me there’s no mystery because I Am a mysterious God.

All of you are living your life in the shadow of your sin. The more you commit sin, the more power sin will exercise over you and your inheritance. If you’re born in a family of idolatry and you also committed your own sin, you’re more or less a witch. The spirit of sin in you can use your image to do anything. Through you, they can kill any member of your family. But you’ll not be aware of it. This is spiritual witchcraft, unlike a physical witchcraft. If you possess such spirit, you must know that everybody around you is in trouble. I Am the Owner of every Spirit, both good and bad. I know how I programmed each one of them to work. I created each one of you in different categories. The more powerful My Spirit in you is, the more powerful also the spirit of sin in you will be if you dare commit sin. And if you possess higher power of evil, you know how the lives of your children will be. If you pronounce any evil word out of your mouth, it will work just as you’ve said it because you carry evil inside you.

Many of you are praying to Me every day to deal with your enemy. If I deal with your enemy, what will become of you? Every man’s enemy lives inside his body! You’re your own enemy. You’re your own enemy through the sin you committed. As you carry evil in you, they’ll be the one sucking every good thing about you whenever you pray to Me. They’re the ones hijacking your prayers. Therefore, before you pray to Me to deal with your enemy, you must make sure your hands are clean. All the prayers all of you are praying in My house, if I should answer such prayers, television will carry the news because they’ll think it’s an epidemic. It’s not an epidemic, I only answer the prayers you prayed. And because of the spirit of sin in you, you end up being the victim. You prayed I should deal with your enemy, I ended up dealing with you because you carry your enemy inside you.

If I refuse to answer your prayers, I know what I’m doing because I love you. All of you know your heart. You know what’s there. You need nobody to tell you how you look like. You have your own mirror. My Spirit in you is your mirror. Whenever you sleep, you know how you see yourself. Wash your hands clean! I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy Father. In Me there’s no sin.

My Emphasis

A man who pays serious attention to his own dream will know what lives inside him. He needs no one to tell him who he is. No one is in his dream, he’s all alone in his spiritual mind. He knows everything that goes on in his heart. He cannot deny it when the Almighty judges him.

If there’s a spirit of sexual immorality in a man, even though he’s married, this doesn’t kill the spirit. The spirit is there, though dormant. Any moment he misplaces his feet, the spirit can use him again. Every time he wishes to lay with his spouse, he mustn’t mention anything about it because through his action, his spouse knows what he wants. If he speaks about it, he automatically calls the evil spirit to action. Whenever he has the urge, if his spouse refuses him, the evil one will take over automatically and he knows how he’ll see himself in his dream.

The world we live is more spiritual and complicated than what we think. No man can tell when evil spirit enters him because they move with the air. They can enter your house even with your door well locked. You have no power over them, but Jesus Christ alone has power over them. Based on all the various Laws the Father gave to His children in the time of old, those who understand the Word of the Father will be scared to lay their hand on sin.

A man laid beside his tired wife. He wanted to perform his marital duty on her, but he didn’t want to disturb her because she was fast asleep. He slept with that strong urge in him. What he saw in his dream scared him to death. He saw himself like a hungry lion seeking for sex. With all his effort, he found none. He suddenly heard the voice of a couple who was enjoying themselves at night. He flew there like a bird, pushed the man away and did what he had to do to free himself. Immediately afterwards, he woke up and found himself wet. Though he saw himself in his dream, he’s not the one. The evil spirit in him was in action. The evil inside a man is very powerful.

With all the above example, all of you should place your own life on the scale and weigh yourself. What kind of evil lives inside you? This is one of the reasons the Father rejected all of us. If the spirit of sexual immorality can use you to the extent of destroying another person’s life spiritually, you should know that Heaven is very far from you. This is second to witchcraft.

Let every soul understand that Jesus Christ has conquered every power of sin. However, the kind of life you live physically as a Christian matters a lot. The Father gave Moses various Laws for His children. This is physical. If we understand the spiritual side of the Law, we’ll know where to place our feet. For any soul to cross this Earth to Heaven, it’s not by work of righteousness but by the grace of the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord. Therefore, think very well the first time you gave your life to Jesus Christ. You have no power to do anything, but you have power to say no to sin through the Spirit of the Father in you. I pray for you and myself that Jehovah God will continually fight our battle and give us the grace to endure till the end in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for mercy every day because I am a sinner.
2) I will pray for grace and strength every day for the journey.
3) I will continue to cleanse myself and eliminate every spirit of sin in me as much as I can.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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