17th October 2018

The Dark Soul

Word From The Father

If you’ve been living on this Earth for some time and you look at your life that you’re far away from where you supposed to be, there’s a reason for it. I Am a Father and I didn’t create anyone to suffer. If you see yourself the way you’re not supposed to see yourself or your life is nothing any man can proud about, you must know that something is wrong somewhere. No matter how deep the root of evil may be, I Am the Great Seer. I see and know everything done in darkness. I Am the Creator of darkness and light. Darkness is as light to Me. I Am the Almighty God. The Great Deliverer is My name. If I decide to deliver you, whoever stands in My way will be swallowed up in My wrath.

Children are born on this Earth everyday. You only see them as children, but you don’t know what lives in them. I Am the Owner of every Spirit and if something is wrong with any child, I know about it. The root of every life, foundation, the family that every child is born into matters a lot. Many children were full, loaded with every good thing spiritually, but immediately they were born, they become empty. Every goodness I bestowed upon them before coming to this Earth was stolen from them. They become empty barren. They’re like empty shell. Nothing is there at all.

Who is the Owner of evil? Am I not the One? Who is the Father of evil? I Am the One. I formed and created whatever I like, and no one can fault Me. I formed and created light. I Am the Owner of prosperity and disaster. Everything I did, I did it for Myself and for the goodness of all My children. I cannot give you a stone to swallow. If I do it, then I commit sin. Whatever I did, I did it for Myself. If there’s any evil found in you, you must know is not from Me. I did not create you with evil. As I separated darkness from light, so also, I separated you from evil. I formed and created you pure as light. As I Am, so you are.

A baby was born, everybody was happy that a baby was born. But there are some invisible forces who’re not happy based on the sin of that generation. Evil started from somebody and spread throughout the entire generation. Because they’re not happy, they will steal every good thing I bestow upon that new born baby. There’s nothing I can do because I set the rule right from the beginning that a sinner shall not go unpunished and the generation of evil doers shall be doomed. This Law hold many of you. Many of you aren’t guilty of what befall you directly, but you’re guilty based on the kind of family you come from. This is why I always transfer some glorious children to another family entirely, so they could fulfil their destiny.

I hate evil, I hate abomination. As it is for white, so it is for black. No matter where you come from, as long you’re human being on this Earth, the same serpent bite all of you. Evil is evil and there’s nothing you can do to change it. Many of you are suffering, living in hardship. When some couldn’t bear it any longer, they sought for alternative solution. They hereby sank in deeper hole than they could imagine. Many of you are in the church today, you know the road you’ve passed through before you become what you become. Some of you, as the trouble of life was too much for you, you went somewhere, and they gave you ordinary egg to swallow. You didn’t know the egg you were given was a generation of demons. As you were producing children, the demons shared themselves into your children one after the other. And no matter how long such generation exists, evil will never depart from them. All because of the mistake of one person.

Whoever wants to live a peaceful and successful life should seek wisdom and knowledge from his Creator because in Him ends every wisdom and knowledge. He should seek for understanding because the Earth is deeper than what any of you can see. I know the depth of it and its very deep in evil. Therefore, those among you who want to live and fulfil your days, you must remove your hands from every trace of sin and evil. Associate not yourself with every doer of darkness. Let the anger of your heart burn against such fellow because they smell wherever they go. I Am the Almighty God and every carrier of evil shall not enter My rest, no matter how little.

My Emphasis

Who has been to the depth of the sea? Who knows what lies beneath the ocean? The farthest space is full of thick darkness because the universe is formed inside darkness. The Bible says in the Book of Genesis 1:1-2 that, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was over the surface of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.” The Earth was formed in darkness, this was why the doers of darkness could easily carry out their evil assignment without any trace. But they forgot that Somebody created them all.

The worst life a man can live is living double lives. You’re neither here nor there. You’re neither human nor Spirit. This is a useless life. The Almighty created darkness and light. He formed human beings as light, and anyone that chooses to be darkness has disconnected himself from the Father. No matter how much you cajole people with your service, you’re living extra time because your days are over already. Of what good is it when a mother carried a pregnancy in her womb for nine months, gave birth to that baby and the baby grew up and couldn’t proud of her mother? Of what good is it? Because she loved evil, because she chose evil! But many of you are right there in the church, even as Pastors wives.

It is easy to choose the road you want to tread. If you belong to evil, let everybody know you’re of evil. But for you to belong to evil and camouflage under the blanket of righteousness is the most dangerous thing any human being can do to himself. If you belong to a particular category and everybody knows you as such, you too will be happy that you belong to such category. But if you cannot be proud of the category you belong to, what do you call that? You turn yourself to a spiritual chameleon.

When a man sleeps, he has the assurance he’ll wake up the next morning, but only by faith. The Almighty God alone has the final say. His counsel alone shall stand forever. If you sleep and He decides you won’t wake up, then you’ll face the judgement. Many people have taken the Almighty God for granted and were cut short suddenly. Their abode is not what any man can speak about. Yet, all these were Christians. Many of them were leaders in the Father’s vineyard. Therefore, if you’re alive today, count yourself lucky and privilege. Each day you live should be lived judiciously with care and caution, in the fear of the Father and reverence of His name. If you fall to any category that’s not of the Father, you still have the chance to repent. Once the blanket of death covers your eyes, you have no choice than to face judgement. I pray for you this day that the light of Jesus Christ will enter your heart and make the right choice to repent in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will examine myself deeply to know where I belong.
2) I will honour the Father and His Word and reverence His name as long as I live.
3) I will remove every trace of darkness from my heart and every garment that represent evil.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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