17th November 2018

Maintaining The Hedge

Word From The Father

If you believe in Me, if you put your trust in Me, if you do My will, I will always be there for you. I will not allow anything to touch you because I’ll be your Security. I will build a hedge around you and nobody will be able to break in. I will use every power I have to protect you because you do My will. As long you maintain the relationship between Me and you, no evil will befall you. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am the Mighty-Man-In-Battle. I Am always a Winner.

Who will deliver you if I capture you? Who will capture you if I deliver you? Who will enslave you if I set you free? I Am He who owns the power of powers. I Am He who created darkness and light. I Am He who make light His garment. Nothing is hidden before Me, and nothing is difficult for Me to do. But My children don’t allow Me to display My power. My children don’t allow Me to display My anger. They don’t allow Me to fight for them.

Daddy they’re beating me, Daddy they’re beating me. Who is that person beating My son? Who is that person beating My daughter? But whenever I get to the scene, I become speechless. I become speechless because of what I find in your hands. You shall not steal, and you stole, yet, you’re crying to Daddy to come and rescue you. How can I come and rescue you if you hold evil in your hands? How can I come and fight for you when you give access to your enemies to capture you? How can I come to your aid when you fail to remain where I put you?

You’re crying everyday praying to Me. Am I a wicked Father? Your tears is an abomination to Me because you fail to listen to My voice. Your weeping means nothing to Me because you fail to keep your Word. If I give you My Word, I will stand by it. But you cannot stand by your word because you’re a friend to your enemies. I Am a just Father, and if you cannot fulfil your part of the bargain, you’ll suffer the consequence.

When I sent My Son to this Earth because of you, He kept His own part of the bargain. This is why I could fulfil what I promised Him before He came. But as for you, you cannot keep your word for a minute. Daddy have mercy, I will not do it again. After I have mercy on you, what will you do? You’ll go back to where you’ve already said good night. You’ll go back to your vomit. Am I a foolish Father? I Am not a foolish Father even though you’re making caricature of Me. You cannot make caricature of Me, you’re only destroying yourself and your generation because you’ll always reap whatever you sow.

Holiness is My way, and holiness is My food. If you maintain your holiness, then you maintain My hedge around you. Nothing and no one will penetrate into it. Nobody will break My hedge of defence around you as long you keep doing My will. All of you love your own way, yet, you claim you’re serving Me. But after you’re beaten by the serpent, you’ll begin to cry to your Daddy to rescue you. I may come to rescue you, but you’ll be lucky if you don’t sustain eternal damage before I come to you.

My Emphasis

If you dig a pit, you’ll end up falling into it. If you jump the fence, you’ll break your legs. And if you break your legs, you’re lucky if you recover in time. The Word of the Father is foolishness to the wicked. This is why the wicked will never stand His judgement because their own judgement is automatic.

If you go to the supermarket and buy whatever you need, you’ll dispose the container whenever you finish with the content. But if you keep the container and keep storing more containers in your house no matter how small it is, your house will become a junkyard in no time. This is the life many Christians live. They always pray for more, yet, they cannot maintain the little they have.

If men make law for men, the law is to be kept. Whoever breaks it will be punished, how much more the Law of the Almighty. As children of the Father, we have rules and regulations to follow. If we break any of these rules, we’ll surely not go unpunished. And no matter what we do, we cannot escape it because the rules are set long time ago.

If you commit physical crime, you’ll be punished physically, and if you commit spiritual crime, you’ll be punished spiritually. Everything concerning the Father, everything concerning holiness is not physical, but spiritual. This is why it’s very dangerous to undermine spiritual issues. The Father deals with Spirits but not with flesh. For us to understand His Word and ways, we must be spiritual. And the things of the Spirit are meaningless to every heart of flesh. Anyone who wants to please the Father must be spiritual because through this alone you’ll flow with whatever Word He tells you.

Beloved, the Father built a hedge around you and as long you maintain your holiness, it will be very difficult for the enemies to break in. I pray for you this day that Holy Spirit will always take the lead of your life, so that you will always remain in the territory of the Father in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will always walk in the way of the Father.
2) I will always live to please the Father.
3) I will maintain the hedge around me by living the life that pleases the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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