17th May 2018

Be Faithful

Word From The Father

If I called you to walk with Me, I will be faithful to you and will not abandon you half way. You didn’t call Me, but I called you. Why should I abandon you? Why should I leave you when the journey is still very far? I Am a Faithful Father. If I call you, I will remain faithful to you until the end. I Am the Almighty God.

Many of you gave Me your word, you said “Father, I will walk with You until the end”. We’ve not reached one-third of the journey, you deserted Me and went your own way. Why should I trust you? If you’re not faithful to your word, how can I believe you? If you lie to Me, you lie to yourself. I Am not a deceiver and if you deceive Me, you deceive yourself.

Whenever everything is okay for you, then the Father is your Father. When everything is rough for you, the Father is no more your Father. No matter how the state of your life may be, you’re still My son, you’re still My daughter. I cannot deny you unless you deny yourself. If you want to follow Me, you must stand by your word until the end. Even death shouldn’t make you deny your word. The word of your mouth is a covenant between Me and you. If you give Me your word and you go back, you automatically break the covenant between Us.

Many of you are crying, praying, but you don’t know where you’ve wronged Me. Even when I dropped a Word into your heart, telling you what you should do, you still deny it. You’re saying “No, it’s not from my Father, I rebuke you Satan.” Does Satan have the word of holiness in his mouth? I speak no other Word than the Word of holiness. You’re the one that doesn’t know what you’re doing. I know what I’m doing. I Am a Faithful Father and I remain faithful until the end.

If you give Me your word, no matter what you pass through, you mustn’t deny your word. You can only deny your word if you love this Earth. Those who loved the Earth are nowhere to be found. Their place is in a place of torment. Everything I’m teaching all of you is because I don’t want you to go there. The earlier you understand Me and listen to My Word, the quicker you can amend your ways.

My Emphasis

My faith looks unto You, You the Creator of the living and the dead. The dead cannot sing Your praises, only the living can praise and adore You. Give me a full life in You, so I could constantly sing Your praise all my life.

As children of the Father, if we’re not faithful to ourselves, how can we be faithful to the Father who is Invisible? Our yes is no more yes. We can say yes in a minute and say no the next minute. The Father is a faithful Father, and He expects us to emulate Him in this area.

Many of us deny the Father in little things. If we fail in little things, what will happen when a big test is placed in front of us? Those who decided to follow the Father don’t give up easily. In fact, mustn’t give up because it’s a joy for the enemy whenever we turn back.

Before Jesus Christ came to this Earth, it was an agreement between Him and the Father that He would come to this Earth, die and inherit everything. But the Father didn’t disclose to Him the kind of death that would kill Him. As the journey became tougher, everything became reality and there’s no turning back. He’s already in it and must accomplish everything to the glory of His Father. He remained faithful until the end.

Therefore, let us follow the example of our Saviour who didn’t deny the Father in big things, but laid down all for our sake and brought glory to the Father. Blessed be His holy name.

My Task For Today

1) I will keep to my word.
2) I will not deny myself and deny the Father.
3) I will remain faithful no matter how hard the journey may be.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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