17th March 2018

Holiness Is My Word

Word From The Father

I Am the Almighty God. I Am not a talkative. I don’t speak anyhow. Whenever I speak, I mean serious business. I speak to My children through My servants, so they could change their ways. I Am not a wicked Father. Evil is an abomination to Me. My Word is fire, it’s a two-edged sword that eliminates and destroys every spirit that stand against My Word in the lives of My children. Whenever I speak, I speak the Word of holiness because holiness is an abomination to demons.

If the land is full of atrocities and a Prophet prophesies the word of blessing and prosperity, that Prophet speaks for himself. I didn’t send him. In the time of old, whenever My children saw My Prophets, they trembled. Why? It’s either life or death! I don’t send My Prophet to prophesy blessing into the lives of My children because I’ve blessed them already. But I send My Prophets to prophesy My judgement upon them because they’re committing sin. Any word that comes out of My Prophets, if it’s the Word of holiness, you must believe it. But if it’s not the Word of holiness, don’t believe it, he prophesies lies.

The whole world is full of evil, atrocities upon atrocities everywhere, sin has taken over the whole Earth, yet, My servants keep prophesying lies into the lives of My children everywhere. Why can’t they prophesy My judgement upon them, so they could change from their evil ways? They cannot prophesy My judgement because they’re all birds of the same feather. If I speak, I speak what will lead you to Heaven. Only holiness will lead you to Heaven. Blessing and prosperity only end on this Earth.

All of you should go back to your bible and see the kind of word I spoke through My Prophets in the time of old. Did they speak blessing? Did they speak prosperity? Why should they speak blessing and prosperity when I sent you to this Earth with full package of blessing? But all your prophets and pastors are prophesying lies to you and you believe them. They’re your prophets and pastors, not Mine. When I pronounced My judgement upon My children through My son Jeremiah, and somebody called himself a prophet and gave My children false hope, what happened to him? He died like an animal.

I am He who laid the foundation of the Earth upon waters. I Am He who set the pillars in place to hold it into its position. I Am the Creator of the universe. None is My equal. I have spoken and decreed calamity, disaster, and death upon all of you except you change. Those of you who wash your hands clean shall live. But those of you who choose destruction shall be destroyed. I have spoken My Word, and I will not revoke it.

My Emphasis

Have mercy O Lord my God because we’ve transgressed Your Word. In Your anger, remember Your children who’re faithful to Your Word. You’re a Father who chastises those He loves. Have mercy Father and sweep us not away with the wicked. I know You’ve done it before, and You’ve decreed Your judgement upon this generation. I pray that You open our eyes to see and know where we’ve wronged You.

The children of the Father always believe in lies. They expect the preacher to preach whatever they love to hear. The preachers too are dancing to their tune. Repent or you perish; repent or you die; this is the tune of the Almighty. In the midst of evil and atrocities, the Father prophesies judgement. And in the midst of calamity and destruction, He prophesies blessing and prosperity upon the remnant.

Arise O Lord my God! Remove the scale of evil from the eyes of all Your children, so they could see clearly where they’re heading to. Pull them back from the fire and give them Your peaceful water to drink. Wipe away the wicked from the land and give your Inheritance peace. Amen and Amen. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness if I’ve believed in lies.
2) I will examine each word I hear carefully so I won’t be misled.
3) I will look into the world carefully and compare it with the Word of the Father to know what’s coming to befall the land.
4) I will stick very close to the Father, so I won’t be swept away with the wicked.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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