17th July 2018

Stolen Good Never Last

Word From The Father

A young and brilliant boy was fond of taking what doesn't belong to him. He would steal pen from his friends without their awareness. He would even steal their books. Nobody cared to know everything he’s doing. All his parents cared about was his good performance. This also continued when he was in high school. He graduated from there to the university. He was very brilliant and he graduated from the university with high grade. His parents were very proud of him. Not very long after his graduation, he secured a lucrative job. His achievement was enormous. After some years, he became a prominent politician. With all he did right from his primary school days, he was never caught. His brilliance overshadowed his stealing stigma. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Judge. My judgement is one and final.

He had wives and children. He was loved by everybody. But what about his stigma? Nobody bothered about it! But he was a Christian! This is the kind of life many of My children live. Because nobody bothered while they were young, to deal with the evil in them, they graduated from littleness to greatness in evil. From stealing just a pen, it graduated to embezzling country’s money. But this money was meant to take care of My children. Only one man would embezzle the money that could feed a whole nation. And those around him would applaud him because they could benefit from him. They never knew they were eating the food of affliction.

Any man who stole what doesn’t belong to him is raising destructive generation. His generation after him will live in hardship and poverty because he’s opened the door of evil unto them. What do you call that? Generation of evil! Evil will never departs from such family. All those who could have benefitted from such money, who were deprived because of wicked heart of one man, all the hardship they passed through, his own generation will live to enjoy it. All of you are running to Europe, running to America without you asking yourself question what’s happening. I know what I did. I Am the Almighty God and nothing is hard for Me to do unless I don’t want to do it.

If you think you’ll gather as much wealth as possible, so that your generation will not suffer anymore, you lie. You just opened everlasting door of hardship, suffering and poverty for your children and their generation. What do you call evil? Can you take a short route? You cannot! You will surely reap whatever you sow. All of you should look around your country and judge for yourself. Any leader whose way wasn’t right always leave disaster for his children to inherit. Satan knows how to reward them because of the evil seed their parents have sown. This is what many of you are passing through. And if any of your relative is in a position of leadership and you’re happy because of the money he’s giving to you, you must know what you’re heaping upon yourself and your children. I Am a Holy Father and anyone who wants to serve Me must serve Me in holiness.

My Emphasis

A man who desires to take a short route to his destination will end up taking a longer route if he lacks wisdom. This is the fate of those who gathered stolen goods. A man cannot build his house on the sweat of others and think he’ll sleep in peace. He’s like a man who put serpent on his roof and sleep. He’s sleeping with danger.

If men know that the consequence of their action would rob generations to come, they would have known how to plan their lives carefully. A man can play smart, but only in his own dream because no one can outsmart evil. You’ll end up digging your own grave unknowingly. A man who loved his family, hoping he could secure a better future for them through embezzlement would end up sending them to a journey of hardship. Wherever he is, he’ll regret the life he’d lived on Earth.

Satan has a way of paying individual for their sin. The generation of a thief will not only suffer lack. They may not even suffer lack at all! But they’ll pay a bigger price than they could ever imagine. Of what purpose is having riches you can’t enjoy? If you have money and you have no good health to enjoy it, you’ll look for wherever good health is hoping you can buy it with your money. If you have money and you trained your children in the best university, by the end of the day, their life is useless, what do you call that? Any man who laid the foundation of his wealth on stolen good, interview his family and you’ll not believe what they’re passing through. Satan can allow a man to have his own way until years later when he’s forgotten what he’d done, then he’ll strike.

Many people think they can cajole the Father by giving their lives to Jesus Christ having lived their lives embezzling other people’s money. But they forgot who the Father is that He’s a non-partial Judge. He takes no side with evil. In our churches today, pulpits are polluted with such men and women. They’ve done it and have forgotten, but the record is awaiting them somewhere until they die. Back in Africa, because of hardship, anyone whose relative is into politics will rejoice because he knows he’ll be alleviated out of poverty. Little did he know that his poverty has just gone to another level.

Many servants of God surround themselves with those in power because of money. Jesus Christ in His days denounced such people. When He asked the rich young man to sell everything and come follow Him, he went away sorrowfully. There is other side of money that many of you don’t know. Each penny you earn, your Spirit is attached to it. And if you earn it unlawfully, you call evil spirit to engrave himself into your Spirit. If you visit a spiritualist, if he wants to know everything about you, he’ll ask for your money, even if it’s a penny. Through it, he’ll get every information about your life. This is how powerful money is. When Jesus Christ asked the young man to sell everything, He knew what He saw in him. But he knew how and where he got his riches. He had come a very long way and turning back was very hard for him. In the church today, many people fall to this category. They find it hard to renounce their stolen good, yet, they want to go to Heaven.

Anyone who knows the mind of God and has a relative who’s into such pattern of life will run away from him because he knows the kind of spirit that’s involved. As a Christian, if many of you know how this Earth is, if it’s only two slices of bread and water you see to eat each day, you’ll praise God for it. And as a Christian, Satan will leave no stone untouched in taking revenge in whatever pattern of life we might have lived in the past. This is why it’s better not to commit sin at all, so that he’ll have nothing to hold on to. This is the message I preach to the younger generation.

My Task For Today

1) I will live a contented life, a peaceful life.
2) I will live my life in the fear of the Father.
3) I will not add another man’s property to mine.
4) I will let Holy Spirit control my heart especially in dealing with public fund.
5) I will not allow evil desire to overpower my sense of judgement.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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