17th January 2018

Price Of Holiness

Word From The Father

A woman took tangible money to the market to buy food stuffs for her family. As she got there, she found different grades of items. Having looked at the money in her hand, she went for the top grade. She bought everything and was happy. When she got home, she prepared a delicious meal for her children and they ate and were happy. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Judge.

As a mother, if you could go to the market and bought the best of food for yourself and family, why should I take lower grade from your hands? When I created you, I formed you the way I liked and was happy. I didn’t give you half body, I created you and you were complete. Why should I take half body back from you? As I created all of you, so I want your body to return back to Me. I Am not a wicked Father, I Am a loving Father and I want the best for all My children. If you also want the best for Me, you will do My will. As you commit sin every day, you destroy your soul. And if you destroy your soul, you cannot return to Me the way I formed you. No matter what it would cost you, you must pay for it so you could return My body back to Me. Your Spirit and soul are Mine and I need them by the end of the day. My Son Jesus has paid the highest price for all of you. All you need to do is to do His will, which is My will. And if you fail to do My will, you’re not coming to Me.

My Emphasis

There is only one price worthy of atonement and Jesus Christ has paid it all! All the Father requires from us is to do His will. Though the troubles of life way us down, but we must not succumb. We must look unto Jesus, the Example that was given to us. Holiness is every day journey. As we live each day, let us always examine ourselves and know where we stand. Wherever we fail yesterday, we will not fail today. Let us draw an experience from our mistakes and live better. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Grace is given to everyone but those who’re truly bound for glory would take absolute opportunity that grace has given us. That which the people of old could not do because no one bared their sin, this we could do boldly through Christ who shed His precious blood on the tree, and it’s that blood that makes us who we are today – the redeemed of the Most High. There is no other life that’s worth living than the life of holiness because Holiness never cries. He is silent as water. Holiness doesn’t advertise Himself, He scents like expensive perfume. This is how the Father wants our lives to be! The more we eliminate the spirit of sin away from our lives, the more holy we become. The more holy we become, the closer to glory we will be.

My Task For Today

1) I will give all to the Father who gave His Son for me.
2) I will do the will of Him who paid the highest price for my redemption.
3) I will strive to be holy so the Father could accept me in the end.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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