17th December 2018

You Cannot See Me

Word From The Father

If I ask many of you to describe Me, you’ll not know what to say. Can you describe Me? You can only describe who you can see. You can only describe who you’ve seen before. I want you to describe Me. But you cannot because you’ve not seen Me before, and you’ll never see Me until you leave this Earth. Even if you come to Heaven, you will never see Me because nobody knows where I live. On this Earth, I can visit you in your house, but you won’t know it’s Me. You will only know through the word I speak to you. I can appear to you as a little child with catarrh running down his nose. I can appear either as a man or a woman. I can appear even as a madman. I can appear to you whichever way I choose to appear. If you’re wise enough, you’ll know I Am the One. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am a Breeze, I Am everywhere.

How is he doing it? Is he the one speaking or writing all these words? Is He God or Jesus? He is neither God nor Jesus, I Am the One! I don’t even know how he’s doing it. You don’t need to know! If you know he’s the one speaking or writing all these words by himself, you also should go and write yours and publish it if only you can sleep on your bed. He is doing the work I gave him to do. I created him for this purpose, and if you allow Satan to push you to envy, you know where you’ll find yourself. No man can speak or write such word by himself! I Am the One! I Am Jehovah God Almighty. Nobody has ever seen Me before and nobody will see Me. Right from the beginning, I hid Myself from everybody. Even in Heaven, nobody can see Me except a handful of people. My prophets in the time of old didn’t see Me. I can come in the form of human being. I can come in a different dimension. I can come as anything and speak to you. Nobody has ever seen Me before.

Many of you just go to church, you don’t know who you’re serving. You don’t know who you’re praying to. You don’t know who I Am. You don’t know Me. You don’t know what I want. You just pray and pray and say many things from your mouth. My God is Omnipotent God, He is Omnipresent God, and He is Omniscient God. How can you describe Him? How does the Omnipotent and Omnipresent God look like? He is Invisible God! If He’s Invisible, why do you doubt? That is why I said you just go to church without you knowing what you’re doing. You just shout and shout. If you know My heart, you will be in your room and your blessing will be flowing. You’re just wasting your time. If you don’t believe the Father, if you don’t know what will satisfy the Father, when the Father speaks, how can you know it’s the Father? You see now where you missed it. I Am very simple, that’s why I can speak through many of My children in billion ways. I Am very simple, I Am merciful. If I Am not merciful, I will not listen to you, and I will not forgive your sins. I Am very simple. I Am not as you take Me. I Am hearing every of your conversation.

If I gather one-thousand Prophets and Pastors together, those I truly chose are very few. I don’t choose people anyhow, and if I choose you, you have no heart of your own. I will be in control of your life from the beginning to the end. Because nobody can see Me, I use My servants to represent Myself. This is why it’s very dangerous for any of My servants to go his own way, not to follow My instruction. And if I use you to speak and people count it as nothing, that means they count their lives as nothing. Before they’ll realise it, their time is passed.

My son, this was how I dealt with Moses in the Wilderness. When I started with him, he taught it’s a joke. When I led him back to Egypt and he began to see signs and wonders coming out of him, he himself was afraid. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. If I don’t speak, nobody will know Me. Now that I Am speaking, those who hear My Word and take it for granted are in big trouble. My son, yours is to send My Word to them. If they like, let them follow it accordingly. I will judge all of them by the Word they hear and read here. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of every soul. Every soul will give an account of his life to Me. I Am the Great Judge, and I will judge them.

My Emphasis

If the wind blows, you can only hear its sound. You cannot tell from where it comes and to where it goes. You can only hear the sound through your ears. As human being, can you see your Spirit? If you cannot see your own Spirit that dwell inside you, how much more the Almighty God. Yet, you can see your Spirit. You can see yourself in your dreams. Without you standing before the mirror, you can see yourself. You can speak to yourself. And even sometimes, you can even deliver yourself in your dreams.

Many years ago, my wife woke up from her dream and said, “My husband, I was sitting inside a public bus and I saw a White Oldman, His Son, and a Dove. Three of Them entered inside me.” Her heart is like that of a little child and when she told me, I knew exactly what she was saying. From that day henceforth, everything inside my house changed. In the time of old, the Father did many things and people didn’t know He was the One. The same Person that some writers of the Bible portrayed as an “Angel of the Lord” wasn’t and Angel, but Jehovah God Himself.

What is the work of a farmer? Where do you find him? A farmer is always in his farm. What does he do at home? Just to relax! A farmer is always thinking about the crops in his farm even if he’s relaxing in his house. So is the Father! The Father is a Farmer. The Earth is His farm. He is on this Earth twenty-four-seven because of His children. Nothing happens here that bypasses Him. Sometimes you may see a strange man appears to you from nowhere, He is the One. Sometimes you may see yourself delivering yourself in your dream, He is the One. If He looks that there’s nobody around you He could use, He’ll use your own Spirit. Afterall, the Spirit belongs to Him.

For Somebody to give twelve sons to a man and gave eleven of them their own profession and even gave them physical inheritance, but He withheld everything from one of them and said He is his inheritance, then you should know the kind of Person He is. Every chosen servant of the Father belongs to the same spiritual pot. They all have higher Spirit. This is why if any of them commit just a little sin, that little sin is very big because their Spirit is high.

The Father will not come down physically to speak but will always pass through human beings. The kind of word you hear Him speak will tell you who He is. This is why it’s very dangerous for Him to speak through His servants and His children fail to obey. Every Word of the Father is holiness and every true servant of the Father speaks only the word of holiness, nothing else. If you hear such word and you fail to do accordingly, you know what that means. I hereby pray for you this day that Holy Spirit will open your spiritual heart and ears to understand and know when the Father is speaking to you so that you’ll not go astray in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will keep trusting the Father through His Word.
2) I will always tremble at His Word.
3) I will not take any Word of the Father for granted because in it lies my life.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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