17th August 2018

The Glory Of Children

Word From The Father

I formed and created many stars and planets, but they all have different glory of light. There are stars bigger and brighter than the sun, but they’re not visible to the eye because I placed them very far away. The sizes of stars and planets aren’t the same, and their glory differs as well. I have many children, but their glory is not the same. If a woman has four children, one out of them is completely different from the rest. In every family on this Earth, I always drop a child there through whom the glory of the family will shine. But unfortunately, because of the sin of My children, Satan has turned their glory to shame. I Am the Almighty God. My work is never abandoned project.

As a mother, if you look at all your children, you’ll find out they’re different. The one that has the higher glory will be different among the rest. But unfortunately, this is the one that Satan will lead far away into sin because you as a mother, as a father lack My wisdom. Because of this same child, Satan can cause separation between the parents, so he’ll not fulfil his destiny. Many of My children are on the street naked, many are in the prison because of whom I created them to be. Satan hijacked their lives because of the mistake of parents.

Many of you will not believe that the choice you made in life was a tool of destruction that Satan used in hijacking the lives of your children. Though the glory of each child differs from another, yet, I chained all of them together. Whatever affects one also affects the other. Many of you live in ignorance! As a mother who carried a baby in your womb for nine months, if you’re in Me, you might have known that the child in you wasn’t ordinary child, so that you’d know how to care for him or her. But because you love your own life more than the life I gave to you, this same child would be the one you’d abandon for a nanny to care for. Some of you went extra mile to the extent of giving your child out completely to somebody else to look after because you love money.

Some of you, Satan used you to hijack your own children because of the spirit you possess. You’re My child, and your children are Mine too. Why should you sell the glory of your children for peanut? Why should you willingly hand over your children to Satan? If you hand over the glory of your children to Satan, you automatically hand over your glory to him too because those children could have been the strength of your life when you’re old.

As My true child who have My fear, if you know that the glory of your children differs, you also need to apply wisdom to it, so that Satan will not sow evil seed among your children. You mustn’t make this known to them, but with wisdom, guide all of them together until they become adults. Once they’re adults, whatever I want each one of them to do will surface when the time comes. If you know that one of your children mustn’t eat a particular food because of what I put in that child, you should use wisdom and forbid all your children from eating such food, so that none of them will know why you’re doing it. But the reason is buried in your heart. All of you are shouting Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, do you know what Mary passed through because of My Son? This is the price a mother should pay.

My Emphasis

King David was a son of Jesse, a son out of his many sons. But this one son made history to the extent even those who don’t know God know about him. When Prophet Samuel was sent to anoint him, he almost missed it until the Father made him to understand his brothers weren’t the chosen one. David was alone in the desert, tending the family’s flock. But they had to fetch him quickly because the time has come for him to step into his destiny.

Satan hijacked Samson because his parents lacked wisdom. Your own child cannot be more powerful than you. If the Father gave you a child, you should know how to guide him far away from the reach of the enemy, so that his glory will remain intact. In advance world, nobody knows who is who. This is why Satan has captured many children. Instead of them to glorify the Father, they’ll live to glorify the devil because their parents lack wisdom.

In the church today, Satan has hijacked the glory of many children because of what church leaders allowed into the church. Satan knows that the Father always give glorious children to Christian parents, but unfortunately, he’s stolen the glory of many. Look into the world today and read the story of many entertainers, you’ll weep for them. The Father gave them to their parents because of who they were. Many started singing in the church choir before Satan used the things of this world to entice them away. Today, many are on their way out of the umbrella of the Father into the world all for the sake of fame and money.

As parents, the Father expects a lot from you. A lot of responsibility is placed upon your shoulder and if you pass, the Father will reward you. But if you fail, He will also reward you and you know the kind of reward I’m talking about. Therefore, as believers in Christ, parents in the household of the Father, be careful with the kind of freedom you give your children. You carried them in your womb and nobody should dictate for you how you should train them. I pray that Jehovah God will help you in impacting His wisdom into the lives of your children, so that Satan will not lead them beyond the grave in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will teach my children in the way of the Father.
2) I will be careful with eh kind of freedom I give my children.
3) I will not allow Satan to steal away their glory, therefore, I’ll allow Holy Spirit to lead me every day to lead my children.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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