17th April 2018

Woe Unto You

Word From The Father

Woe unto you Africa! You were the last of My children. You were close to My heart and made known to you what your brothers didn’t know. Your fathers chose the way of evil. They sold their soul to demons and sold their generation to idol and witchcraft. I was angry and sold them as slaves. Yet, they loved the way of idolatry. I gave you the opportunity to know My Son, so I could save you through His blood. Even right there in My house, you commit atrocities upon atrocities. Can any man deceive Me? I Am the Owner of both darkness and light. The powers of your idols have ravaged the whole land and your children are selling themselves as slaves to the nations across the sea. I Am coming to execute My judgement upon you. The few among you who chose the way of righteousness shall save themselves through their righteousness. I Am the Almighty God.

Woe unto you Britain and America! I tied your soul together and made you prosper where others lack. I made you ruler over nations. I made you captured My children as slaves, so they could learn from you by teaching them My way. But you’ve forsaken the way of your fathers. I gave you America the heart of lion and tiger, so that none could stand you. And I gave your brother Britain a heart of Bear who is very dangerous even in her silence. What have you given Me in return? I programmed your lives, so that those who come to you could learn from you and emulate you. Is there anything to emulate from you than evil? Your children have turned themselves to harlots in your eyes while you look on. All the nations of the Earth emulate your evil. You love war than justice. Is that what I taught your fathers? Will I spare you when I come? I will uproot you from My land because I Am the Owner. The remnant who survive My wrath will live in peace. I Am the Almighty God.

Woe unto you children of Abraham! I made your father wandered from home to a strange land where he’s not been before. I swore to him to give him the land. The whole Earth is enjoying the promise I made to him. But what have you done to yourselves? You love the way of evil. All the abominations I warned your fathers about, all you embraced with your open arms. You hate yourselves and hate others. Yet, you’re the children of My son Abraham. Despite everything I made him passed through, so I could raise up a glorious generation through him, all has ended in futility. I have chastised you several times in the past through war and hardship, yet, you refuse to return. You’re blind, yet, you claim you have eyes, that you can lead yourselves. Can a blind man lead a blind man? You shed the blood of innocent in your midst and rejoice over it. Who are you working for? I Am a righteous Judge who will judge all of you. The remnant who survive My judgement will live to tell the story. I Am the Same God of Abraham and Moses. I never change, I remain the same. I Am the Almighty God.

Woe unto you children of Jezebel! Your mother was once My beloved but chose the way of harlotry and witchcraft. She sold all her children to harlotry and witchcraft and scattered them across the Earth to execute judgement upon the weakened hearts. You have invaded My church and My altar. Will I spare you when I come? I will execute My judgment upon you and pay you back what you did to My children. I will make you drink your own blood as one drinks water. Then will I glorify Myself through your destruction. I Am the Almighty God.

Woe unto you leaders! I chose you to lead My children and teach them to care for the Earth. What have you done to My children? You opened the door of sin for them everywhere. All the Laws I gave to protect My children from evil, these you abolish and instituted your own laws. You believe so much in your power that you can do everything. Because of your wickedness, My innocent children die every day because you claim you can heal them. How many can you heal? How many will you heal? When the spirit of evil takes over the whole land and sicknesses and diseases multiply without measure, how many will you heal? When the spirits that suck blood take over the whole land and crimes multiplies like locust, how many will you lock up in the prison? But you keyed into the brain of My children that I don’t exist. I Am coming, and I’ll show you that no one takes Me for granted and go free. I Am the Almighty God.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness any area I’ve wronged Him.
2) I will examine myself and my ways to know where I’ve fallen.
3) I will ask Holy Spirit to empower me, so I won’t fail again.
4) I will strive to live in the fear of the Father all the time.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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