16th September 2018

The Venom Of The Serpent

Word From The Father

Who can play with a serpent without being hurt? Take a serpent, don’t inject him, play with him as you’ll play with a pet especially when he’s hungry. You’ll be lucky if you keep your eyes alive. If he spit into your eyes, you’ll be blind instantly because his venom burns like fire. If you keep him in your room where you sleep, you’ll be very lucky to wake up alive the next morning. Such animal is never a friend of human being. You’re to keep them far away from you. If you’re pure like a child, he’ll run away from you. But for you to go to his abode and bring him to live with you in your house, you’ve committed sin automatically. I Am the Almighty God. I hate sin.

A child who’s far away from his father cannot know his heart. Even though you live in the same house, you cannot know his heart unless you’re very close to him. If you see an evil man from afar, you’ll call him a nice man. But if you deal with him closely, then you’ll regret the day you know him. A woman who married a man because of his wealth will hang herself the very day she knows that the source of his wealth is evil.

If you’re playing with a serpent, you’re carried away because of the smoothness of his skin. The moment he spits into your eyes, then you’ll remember you’re not playing with a toy but a life that’s very dangerous, and it may be too late for you. Any soul that loves sin is playing with danger. Whatever you’ll not do openly, you know it’s shameful, why should you do it at all? Every record of your sin is kept until the day of death. Every record of your sin is hidden inside you. You cannot run away from it. You cannot transfer it to another person.

If a man is fond of stealing what doesn’t belong to him, he’ll carry on because he believes he’s very smart. The day he’s caught may be the last day he’ll have his freedom on Earth. I Am a Father and I love all My children. I love My children, but I hate sin. Sin made Me hate My children. Sin made Me rejected My children. I Am the One that created sin! I created it and none of you can fault Me. Can any of you judge Me? I didn’t create it to harm you. I created it for My own use. As it happened, and it flowed to you, I Am telling you every day how to avoid it, but you don’t want to listen. If you refuse to listen to My Word and follow My instructions, I will reject you forever. And if I reject you forever, you know where you’re going already.

My Emphasis

When Satan entered the serpent to deceive Eve, he didn’t come as an enemy but as a friend. If he had come as an enemy, he wouldn’t have gotten the attention of Eve. This is why if you read the first few verses of Genesis 3, you’ll see that a conversation has been going on previously between both. He was a spirit camouflaged as a serpent. Though Eve was more spiritual than physical, yet, there’s a limit. Because he has no flesh, he uses that alone to his own advantage to deceive Eve.

As a Christian, if you’re not careful, you’ll get carried away cheaply because the way he’ll appear to you, you can never suspect anything at all. This is why a woman can be a witch and killed all her children and nobody will suspect her at all. The heart that does evil is deep inside the soul, not physical. Unless the Father reveals, no one can know.

O that I may know the mind of the Almighty, so He’ll constantly alert me before I make a move. If Jehovah God wasn’t on my side, the venom of the serpent would have consumed me. The very day I was born, I died. I died because I was born with the serpent. The venom of the serpent killed my heart even before I was born. The grace of the Father walked me through the path of life and kept my soul alive until I met the Father Himself who pulled me out of Egypt by His mighty hand. Learning to walk with Him became very hard because the venom of the serpent has polluted my soul. But thanks be to the Father who redeemed me through the blood that was shed by His Precious Son on the cross. Hallelujah!

Who will understand the error of his soul? Let him purge his heart and cleanse his robe with the blood of the Master which was given on the cross. Let him pursue righteousness and hate evil. Then the venom of the serpent that polluted his soul will be washed away by the blood of the Lamb that was slayed at Calvary. And no matter how long he’d lived in Egypt, and no matter how long the venom of the serpent has been polluting his soul, the blood that made the leper whole again will cleanse him and catapult him to glory. Hallelujah! Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness every day.
2) I will purge every venom of the serpent away from my system through the blood of the Lamb.
3) I will push every serpent far away from me as far as I can.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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