16th November 2018

Sweetness Than Bitterness

Word From The Father

If you put sugar in your mouth, will you spit it out? You’ll rather have more of it than to spit it out of your mouth. If you have a taste of bitter herbs, will you ask for more? If you don’t spit it out of your mouth, you’ll only swallow it for a reason. That tells you that sweetness is better than bitterness. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. Every sweetness is found in Me. In Me there is no bitterness.

You cannot give what you don’t have. You cannot give sweetness when your life is full of bitterness. You cannot speak sweetness when your tongue is full of bitterness. Whatever you have is what you’ll give. Anyone who’s of Me, his life will be full of sweetness within and without. No matter how you see yourself physically, you will accept it because you have Me. You’ll not place priority on the things that are physical. Your priority will be on the things that are invisible.

Many of you love the life you live physically than your spiritual life. This is why whenever things aren’t how you expect it, your heart will be full of bitterness. If your heart is full of bitterness, then your entire life is full of bitterness. I Am the Giver of joy and sweetness. If you want to walk with Me, you must allow your heart to be full of joy and sweetness all the time.

How can your heart be full of sweetness? By putting everything of this physical realm behind you and looking forward to the things of Heaven. Though you live in the physical, but your life is like someone who lives in the spiritual. This is why it’ll be very hard for people around you to understand you. You don’t control your life anymore, I will be the One in total control of your life. And whatever I ask you to do, that alone you will do. Whichever way I ask you to follow, that alone you will follow. If I tell you to stand, you’ll stand without grumbling. If I tell you to sit, you’ll sit. No matter what anyone tells you, you’ll not listen because you can see what he cannot see. You can see beyond the physical.

How can your heart be full of bitterness? When you do more than yourself. You put your hands into things that are more than you. Your desire is of earthly things. You love the things of this Earth more than the things of Heaven. Your eyes are open physically, but you’re blind spiritually. Before the enemies enter into you, you’ll not know because you’re blind spiritually. This is the life many of My children are living. Anyone who lives such life cannot come to Me because My throne is full of sweetness not bitterness.

My Emphasis

The heart of anyone that values what the Father did for him will always be full of joy and sweetness because he knows he has hope beyond this Earth. And no matter what comes his way, he’ll count it for joy because he has absolute assurance that nothing can take Heaven away from him.

Many Christians are living without hope. This is why it’s very easy for them to pursue the things of this Earth and abandon their real life, which is spiritual. And anyone who values that which is physical more than that which is spiritual will perish with that which is physical. The Father created His children and gave them freedom to live their lives on Earth. And if the Spirit of the Father in you is asking more from you, that means you belong to a different set entirely, you’re not of this Earth. And if you’re not of this Earth, your attitude towards life, your character to everybody will be different. Though human beings may find it hard or difficult to understand your way of life, but you alone understand your life, and the Father understands it more than you.

If you’re of the Father, you’ll accept your life whichever way you see it. Though people may ridicule you, they may speak all manner of words against you, but you’ll be at peace because you know you’re not the first because the Saviour Himself, after His ascension to Heaven, two-thousand years apart, people still speak all manner of nonsense about Him. Does He care? He cares less because He accomplished what the Father asked Him to accomplish. He was crowned, and nobody can take it away from Him. Therefore, no matter what anyone say about you, you’ll count it as mere smoke that has no impact.

The world, the church is full of so many discouragements. Yet, those who know their Father, those who believe in their Father, those who have assurance in their Father and their Saviour will always burst into laughter because of their knowledge in the things of Heaven. Though living in this physical realm, their heart is only sorrowful whenever they come across sin because they know that that’s the only thing that can cut them short of the glory of their Father.

My beloved, let the joy of the Father always burst out from your heart because a joyful heart gives long life and healing to the bones. If you have assurance in your Father, you’ll not allow anything of this Earth to bother you. I pray for you today that Holy Spirit will fill your heart with His sweetness and remove every trace of bitterness from you in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will always thank my Saviour who died for me.
2) I will always sing a new song to the Father for what He’s done for me.
3) I will live my life as a stranger in a foreign land.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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