16th May 2018

I Am Who I Am

Word From The Father

In the beginning, I didn’t want My children to know Me. I didn’t reveal My name to many of My servants in the time of old. But when I called Moses, because of the assignment I set before him, I reveal to him who I Am. When He asked what My name is, I told him I Am Who I Am. Yes, I Am Who I Am. I Am The Same yesterday, today, and forever.

Who can boast and say I Am? Even Satan himself will visit him because I Am the only One who can boast and say ‘I Am’. Many of My servants don’t even know Me because I didn’t reveal My true nature to them. I don’t speak to everybody. I communicate with My servants the way they’ll understand. To some, I speak through dreams. To some, I speak through signs. To some, I speak through parable. To some I speak to their ears. To some, I speak through My Spirit in them. But for Me to speak one-on-one with any of My servants, or say I Am the Almighty God, it’s very rear. And any mouth I pass through to speak, all of you should fear that person because I Am the One. I created each one for different assignment and the kind of assignment I asked you to accomplish will determine the means of My communication with you. I have never dealt with any man as I dealt with Moses. But I want to prove Myself again, so that all of you will know that I Am the same God of Moses.

When I was dealing with Moses, I used him to the extent I entered his body. I used him to cover Myself because no one sees Me and live. And if I get angry and appear to anyone, he will not live to tell the story because he’ll be too scared of what he’ll see. This is why nobody can describe Me.

I Am Who I Am! Nobody will change Me. Nothing will destroy Me or My power. My power is hidden in Me and I Am hidden in My power. I Am full of light within and without. In Me, there is no darkness, yet, darkness is as light to Me. Nobody created Me, I created Myself. I Am Self-Existing Father. Nobody is My Father, but I Am the Father of All.

Fear Me, because you don’t know My beginning, but I know your beginning. Fear Me, because you don’t know where I live. If you come to Heaven, you cannot see Me. Nobody knows My true nature unless whoever I reveal Myself to. Even those in Heaven don’t see Me. They don’t know My true nature. Nobody knows where I come from. I exist by Myself and for Myself. All of you came out of Me. I Am the Father of all of you.

Whoever have Me have everything because I Am the Owner of all things. If you don’t have anything physically but have Me, you’re more than the person who has trillions in his account.

My Emphasis

O that I may know You, so I could always and forever put my trust in You. The Unseen, Invisible Father demonstrates His existence through His Word and power. He is the only One who has power to boast, nobody else.

If the whole Earth turns against us, if we have the assurance that ‘I Am’ is with us, we’re more than him who has trillions of soldiers at his disposal. Those the Father used to fight in the time of old couldn’t understand what happened to them. The Father could pass through your body, overtake your hands to act. You will know that Somebody is using your body but cannot see the Person. Your action will be indescribable. Not every battle the Father send His Spirits to fight. There are some He goes Himself, it depends on the kind of spirit involved.

I Am That I Am is my God. He whose throne is above the reach of every Spirit will always fight for the cause of His children. He is a compassionate Father who loves His children even when they turn against Him. He is a Father indeed. I Am, yes, I Am is His name. Holiness surrounds Him wherever He goes. ‘I Am’ has billions of forms. He appears and disappear. He is the Spirit of Spirits. This is the One who sent us to this Earth to fulfil His cause. If He is for us, who can be against us? We’re more than a winner if we follow His Commandments.

My Task For Today

1) I will trust solely in I Am Who I Am.
2) I will ask Holy Spirit to drop every scale in my eyes, so I could behold His face in the Spirit.
3) I will not be shaken no matter any situation I find myself because when He speaks to any situation, there will be instant solution.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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