16th July 2018

Living Two Lives

Word From The Father

When I created the Earth, I separated the land from the sea and nothing should join both of you together. Both of you are like two parallel lines that should never cross each other. Today, you have put your hands into a lot of things and you invited the creatures in the sea to live in your body. There is other side of everything I created and it’s a disaster for you to ignore My Law. None of you bother to ask yourself question where all the incurable illnesses come from. The evil spirits I created are fighting you everyday because you ignore My Law. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I created light and darkness, good and evil. Anyone who chooses evil will become an abomination to Me.

When I created Adam and Eve, I put them in the Garden until I drove them out. Even when I drove them out, did I drove them to live in the water? If I had drove them to live in the water, would they have survived it? They would have died. If they had died, would you have come to exist? But today, many of you live double lives. You’ll live on the land and live in the sea. I, Jehovah God never joined two Spirits together, if I do, there will be chaos everywhere. This is why I laugh at what many of you are breeding. Imagine yourself combining the seed of lion and elephant to breed something else, what do you think you’ll bring out of it? This is what all of you are doing everywhere. This is only physical, what about spiritual? You’ll cause confusing more than you can bear.

In the church today, all over the world, if Holy Spirit comes down and open your eyes to see those who claim they’re worshipping Me, you’ll not believe what you’ll see. While some are lions, some are tigers. While some are crocodiles, some are pythons. While some are goats, some are fishes. But all of you are human beings together. None of you have never asked why Heaven should reject everybody. Because evil has mingled with your Spirit!

Even many of My servants married unclean wives. They’re married to Jezebel. If My servant is married to Jezebel, how do you expect him to do My will? As he’s paddling the canoe to the right, she will be paddling it to the left. If you have two drivers driving one car, won’t the car crash? This is what many of My servants are passing through. Many of them cannot speak out what they’re passing through. Can anyone hide anything from Me? This was the reason why I asked My children in the time of old to send away their unclean wives and children because they’re pollution to My children.

Many of you know how you see yourself whenever your body is at rest. All of you are serving Me in flesh, not in Spirit. If evil has taken over your Spirit, which one will you use to serve Me again? The few among you whose Spirit is clean should cleanse himself more, so that when the time of judgement comes for the children of disobedience to receive their reward, you’ll not partake from their punishment.

My Emphasis

Darkness and light don’t dwell together. As one disappears, the other one comes to stay. Both good and evil were created by the Father, but we’re created for good, not evil. In the world where both good and evil are interwoven together, how can we know who’s who? But the Spirit of the Father is light that sees into the deepest darkness. Holy Spirit is the Revealer of every secret.

Many servants of the Father, both past and present are victims of such circumstance among whom I am the chief. If not for the grace of the Holy One, I would have become a history. Fish gives birth to fish and lizard gives birth to lizard. The Word of the Father cannot be changed. In the time of old, He ordered His children to send away their unclean wives. However, we don’t do such thing anymore because of Jesus Christ. But if you’re in the midst of fire and you’re comfortable with it, the Father will not force you to leave. If you’re uncomfortable, you know what to do.

The body of Christ is full of strangers, spiritual strangers. Even these strangers have invaded the altar of God. This is why the church is cold and full of agents of darkness. But Christ is still Christ. The Father is silent because He doesn’t want to give opportunity to Satan to seize the opportunity and destroy all His children. This is why it seems the Father fails to act. And before He does anything, He must weigh it very well and must provide alternative place of refuge for His innocent ones, so they won’t be swept away with the wicked. This is why it takes time before He acts.

Those who finds themselves in such condition should seek help immediately. The Father sent Jesus Christ for such reason, so that the captives could be set free. But you must open your mouth and confess. If you hate what you see, open your mouth. Evil is evil and nothing to substitute it. Christ is calling you today to come out of darkness and receive your freedom. If you’re willing, you’ll receive the gift of freedom, freedom in Jesus Christ.

Those who hate evil should continue to hate evil. Those who’re pure should keep themselves pure. Those who’re running the race of holiness should not give up for greater is the reward that awaits them. In this race of life, full of temptations and trials, grace, abundant grace is given to the children of obedience. This grace will lead them beyond their dreams to the land beyond the sea. Hallelujah! Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will cleanse my Spirit and soul on the altar of holiness.
2) I will mingle not myself with the wicked.
3) I will continue to purge myself everyday to meet the need of the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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