16th February 2018

What Kind Of Parent Are You

Word From The Father

The lives of parents matter a lot in the lives of their children. I have determined how the life of each child would be, however, I cannot come down physically to train that child. This is why I rely on parents to teach their children My way. If a child is taught My Law and Ordinance, he will also teach his children whenever he becomes a parent. It is everlasting chain which I put in place right from the beginning. Whatever I do is perfect, and no one can fault Me.

I created Moses My son as a deliverer, who would deliver My children out of slavery. Pharaoh and his people knew a deliverer would be born, this was why he ordered the great slaughter of My children. When Jochebed could no longer hide her son any more, she placed him in a basket and threw him into the river. As the daughter of Pharaoh appeared, her daughter offered to call a nanny. She went and called Jochebed, her mother, the mother of Moses. While she was at the palace of Pharaoh, she was nurturing Moses, but she couldn’t show she was the mother. When a mother who gave birth to a child had to pretend as a nanny, how do you think the life of that child would be? He couldn’t call his mother a mother; he was fed with the food of idols at the palace of Pharaoh. This was where anger and bitterness grew in him. This went on and on and on until I took him away.

It is better for a man not to commit sin, once it happened, Satan will always have something to capitalise upon to ruin his life. His mother lied as a nanny, and he was fed with the food of idols. Yet, I created him to deliver My children. All these led him to marry his first wife, which was a trap to trap him down. But I rescued him. Originally, he wasn’t meant to marry. Because the spirit of sex in him was already activated, he had to find a wife. Was it easy for him to find a wife? It was very hard. I Am telling all of you what you don’t know. Once parents failed to live right, it affects the lives of their children. This is what many of you are passing through today.

My Emphasis

If a woman is pregnant, many things happen in her womb within those nine months spiritually. Jacob’s life was destroyed because of his mother’s witchcraft. Apostle Paul wasn’t an exemption. Whatever life parents live today will influence the lives of their children tomorrow. It’s not easy for the Father to get me to the stage I am. He saved me with iron hand. I’m praying to Him every day to cleanse me more, so I could get to the stage He wants me to get to. The life of a mother is more important in the lives of her children. Every man has one weakness or another. But if the child in that womb is a messenger of the Father, if you’re not careful as a mother, Satan will use you to destroy that child. The Father doesn’t take it lightly with any mother that Satan uses to destroy the life of His servant. He will reject her forever!

In this present generation, the Father is very cautious sending His heroes down to this Earth because the Earth has swallowed many of them. It’s very hard to see a mother like Hannah and Mary. As it is for mother, so it is for father. A father who chooses to share his seed around would destroy the lives of his children. And if a hero of the Father like Jephthah is among his children, Satan will stand in his way until the end. This is why I’m appealing to all parents and parents to be to fear the Almighty God, so that Satan will not destroy the lives of their children through their own hands. What kind of parent are you!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for forgiveness if I’ve lived a life that could influence the lives of my children negatively.
2) I will spend more time in teaching my children the way of the Father.
3) I will guide them in the fear of the Father, so that Satan will not use my past against them.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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