16th December 2018

A Man Of God

Word From The Father

You cannot be who I didn’t create you to be. Anybody can choose to be a lawyer or a doctor, but for anyone to choose to be a man of God, that’s not possible. That is the most sensitive and dangerous office to hold. Every profession is of this Earth, but to be a man of God, all your attention must focus on Heaven. This is why I choose My servants to depend on Me. If your Spirit is not focus on Me, you cannot receive from Me and give to My children. And if you don’t receive from Me, what will you give to My children? This was why I chose the Levites in the time of old so that they can have time for Me and My children. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a caring and loving Father. My word is never an abandoned project.

As a university lecturer, you can choose whatever you want to teach your students. Whatever you teach them, that’s what they’ll know. But as My servant, you cannot choose whatever you want to teach My children because every of your teaching must lead their heart to Heaven. If you’re not where I want you to be, if your Spirit isn’t pure to receive from Me, how will you know what to teach them? This is why it’s very dangerous for you to call yourself My servant and go on your own way.

If you have a secular work to care for yourself, your brain and body must be focus on the work you do so that you can please your employer. If you’re not focus, you can do any mistake and if care is not taken, they may dismiss you. If you’re My servant and all the time you should have spent in My presence, you spend it doing your secular job, which time is left for you to do Mine? This is why everything turns upside down in the church. Church is no more church because My servants have no time to receive from Me.

Can you give what you don’t have? Can you teach what you don’t know? It’s very easy to read your Bible and write what you’ll teach your followers. Every Scripture has different time and season. If you’re a doctor and a patient come to you complaining of headache, will you give him medicine for stomach-ache? If you do, you may end up in the prison if anything happens to him. As My servants, if you mis-teach or mislead My children, you know what that means. The judgement that’s awaiting you has no measure because you failed to follow My Word and My instruction.

If any of you want to please Me in this work you do, make sure you’re focus. Purge your Spirit and soul so that you can constantly receive from Me. If you’re dirty, how can you cleanse others? If you carry demons, how can you cast demons away from My children? Can demons heal demons? If you’re a demon, you will only spread demons to My children and the end of your life will be disastrous. It is high time for all of you to know exactly what you’re doing. It’s high time for you to accept your life how you see it. You cannot call yourself My servants, travelling around the world seeking for what you want. If you left your calling behind in Africa and travel the whole Earth in pursuit of what you want, you must remember that you left your life behind somewhere and you can never live a better life wherever you go. My calling, My Word is never an abandoned project. You cannot do My work as a secondary work. You cannot pursue your heart desire and put Mine aside. You’ll surely pay for it one day.

My son, write it and send it to them. Tell all My servants they’re treading on a dangerous ground. If you’re My servant, nobody will reward you on this Earth. If you even get thank you from anybody, you’re very lucky. However, your great reward is waiting for you in Heaven. I Am your Rewarder and I will reward you. I will only reward you if you do a good job. Yours is to teach My children. If they like, they should obey, if they like, they should disobey. I Am waiting for all of them.

My Emphasis

Every good and perfect gift comes form the Father of light, and He gives His gifts to whoever He chooses. You cannot be whatever He didn’t choose you to be. And if He choose you to lead His children, you cannot do otherwise because if you do, you’ll end up running a race of futility that ends nowhere.

The church has gone farther from the truth. The church has gone far away from the path of the Father, the path of holiness. In the time of old, everybody knew that servants of God have no other work to do, and they depended on others to live their lives. They didn’t depend on others on their own accord, but the Father made it so. As they gave spiritual gift to the children of the Father, the children too gave them physical gift in return. This is how the Father made it.

As a servant of God, if you have to leave your house in search of your daily bread, what time do you have for the children of the Father? You have no time because you only have one Spirit and body. If the body is weak, you cannot receive from the Father. And if you don’t receive from the Father, you’ll not know when wolves will ravage your flock. Being a servant of the Father carries weight. Enormous responsibility is placed upon your shoulder. If you don’t accept it as such, that you want to live your life like the people of this Earth, I pray you don’t end up biting your fingers in the end.

In the time of old, Prophets, Priests don’t move around anyhow. They were always in the presence of the Father. If a Prophet appeared to you, your heart would bleed within you because you didn’t know the kind of message the Father asked him to deliver to you. If a Prophet of God appeared to you, it’s either you’d live or die. This was why everybody was afraid of them in the time of old. In our days, nobody has respect for servants of God anymore simply because they’re not where the Father wants them to be. If you lose your birthright to demons, you’ll become like a dog who cannot carry a piece of bone.

My dear Friend, a co-labourer in the Father’s vineyard, I want you to listen to this. You have no other life to live apart from living the life of the Father. Your calling, the work the Father chose you to do is your life, and you have no other life outside this. The earlier you understand this, the better and easier your journey will be. I pray for you this day that Jehovah God the God of all flesh who has called you will neither leave you nor forsake you. He will lead and guide you until the end. He will give you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of His Word so that you can end victoriously in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will keep my calling intact. I will value and cherish it more than silver and gold.
2) I will purge my Spirit and soul, so I can constantly receive from the Father and have something to give to His children.
3) I will not choose to be a failure, I will choose to be a winner in the Lord.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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