16th August 2018

Sow A Good Seed

Word From The Father

If you bury a seed of mango in the ground, it takes two weeks for it to germinate, it produces fruits after five years, and it’ll continue to produce fruits even after five hundred years. It produces over a hundred fruits a year. But this was just a seed! If you eat a mango fruit, you want to eat another one again and again. So is the seed that a man sows. Good beget good while evil beget evil. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Perfect Father.

If an ordinary tree can last for so long, how much more human being. I have My reason why I don’t allow human beings to live so long anymore. If a man lays with a woman, he releases his seed which forms a body. This body carries a Spirit, either good or bad. The man has sown a seed, and it must germinate. He may not know the kind of seed he’s sown, but the result of it will be made manifest years later. If a man sows a good seed, it will never die, and if he sows a bad seed, it will never die either. Both good and evil seed last forever. I Am the only One who has power to uproot evil tree.

From one seed of mango comes a tree. This tree will produce many fruits in her lifespan. And in each fruit is another tree. In fact, a seed of mango carries a generation of mangoes in her. So are human beings. I started this generation with Adam. How many are you today? You’re more than seven billion now. But those who died would always come back again because I recycle them. If all of you came out of Adam, that means a man carries the whole world in him. Any seed you sow carries generation in him or her! For a seed to be a good seed, the Spirit must be from Me, and if it’s an evil seed, then it’s not from Me even though I created good and evil. But I cannot give you evil.

If a man sows evil seed, his entire generation will become evil because every seed a man sows carries Spirit either good or bad. If the seed of a man carries evil spirit, his generation will live to suffer no matter how long they live for. Evil spirits never forgive, and they keep record of the generation. As one sows it, he’ll come back to also eat from the fruits of the seed he’d sown. This is how evil works. You cannot say you’ve sown it and you can escape it after you die. No, you’ll come back to enjoy the seed you’ve sown. And if you’ve given your life to My Son, then you compound your misery.

My Word for all of you is to think very well before you sow your seed because any seed you sow will never die. But if you sow a good seed, you’re a winner. You will be Mine forever. Everything about the fruits will be blessing everywhere. But if you sow a bad seed, then curse will follow every fruit that comes out of your seed. Therefore, think before you act.

My Emphasis

It’s very easy to plant a seed, but when it germinates and starts producing fruit, it can turn to sorrow. The Bible says in the Book of Proverbs 10:22 that, “The blessing of the Lord itself makes rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.” As those who fear the Father, there is a reward for your fear in Him because He will surround you with riches everywhere. This riches doesn’t mean financial riches, but riches in every area of your life.

What is good physically may be bad spiritually. But as human beings, because we’re blind spiritually, this is why we need the Spirit of the Father in us to bear witness. But how? By faith we believe that the Father exists and by the same faith we believe that the Son was crucified. One is to believe by faith, but if the Spirit of the Father doesn’t bear witness with your believe, then your faith is futile. Every Word of the Father, every Law of the Father is a Spirit and it’s holy. If your Spirit and soul is for the Father, the Spirit will bear witness before you do anything.

The Father promised Abraham a son. Though the son would come directly from Heaven, yet, he needs a body to be called human being on this Earth. This is where Abraham and Sarah come in. Abraham was saved by grace because of the Covenant the Father made with him. But for this covenant not to be contaminated, he must allow the Father to eliminate every spirit that’s contrary to the Spirit of the Father in him. The enemy capitalised on his past as a womaniser to sow evil seed into the promise of the Father. But the Father, being a faithful Father fulfilled His own part of the bargain. What about the other seed he sewed? Both of them live forever! You can see now that every seed a man sow is a living Spirit that will live forever either good or bad.

My beloved, my word for you this morning is to go back and ask for mercy. You know where you’re coming from and you know where the Father picked you from. What kind of seed have you sown? Is it a good or bad seed? Some of you sewed a seed and you denied you’re not the one. This is the highest evil you can ever commit. Go back to the cross and settle yourself. If you’ve sown a bad seed, you cannot settle it by yourself. Abraham succumbed to the deceit of Satan through his wife, the fruit of the seed is still alive today. He had the grace of the Father and he entered Heaven. You will not be too lucky my friend. Go back and settle yourself with the Father before it’s too late. If you die and they see that the fruits that came out of the seed you sewed are nowhere near Heaven, then you’re on your own. I pray for you this day that the Father in His love will have mercy on you and give you the grace to amend everything that needs to be amended in your life in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for mercy if I’ve sown a bad seed.
2) I will pray to the Father every day to settle every area of my life.
3) I will continue to teach others to yield to the call of the Spirit of the Father in them before taking any action.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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