16th April 2018

Who Is My Mother

Word From Jesus Christ

When I came to this Earth, I passed through a lot of hardship. Mary was running around because of Me. Even when she was pregnant, if not for the intervention of My Father, they would have stoned her to death because the Spirit of My Father in them is dead. I Am the Alpha and Omega.

It is a dangerous thing to ignore My Word, the Word of My Father. If I had ignored the Word of My Father when I came, I wouldn’t have accomplished My mission. Many of you today love the way of the world, the way of death and destruction. If all of you think it’s a joke for My Father to hand Me over to death to destroy, then you should carry on with the kind of life you’re living. The Earth is spiritual and a dangerous place to live without My power.

How can a man live a fulfilled life? By yielding to the leading of the Spirit of the Father. The Father is not a wicked Father and He’s laid down every rule to keep man alive even in the day of disaster. If man turns a blind eye to the Word of the Father, destruction will catch-up with him along the way. Disobedient to the Spirit of the Father brings death. If a man dies in such way, he’ll definitely face the second death in Hellfire because he was disobedient to the Word of My Father, the Word of Life.

The fact that somebody gave birth to you doesn’t mean that person has the ultimate right over your life. No woman on Earth is greater than Mary, yet, she washed her hands clean and handed Me over to the will of My Father. She had every right as a mother to protect Me with every power she had. She didn’t! She handed Me over to death! She saw Me crucified, and she glorified My Father at My resurrection. Such woman worth celebrating.

Many of you mothers are evil! You’re a tool of destruction to your children. When the power of evil takes over you, you cannot say no to his evil assignment. Instead of you to say no to evil, you’ll end up disobeying My Father. Why did I die for you? Your end is a place of gnashing of teeth and living in excruciating pains. Why? Because that’s what you choose! You hate righteousness and love evil; therefore, My Father has given your soul up to destruction and death. But while you’re still alive, you can vomit whatever you’ve swallowed and bathe yourself with My blood because only My blood can cleanse you. Emulate what is good and forsake evil, so you can escape eternal wrath of My Father.

My Emphasis

The heart of evil is not a heart of flesh, it’s a heart of stone. The heart that does evil lies deep inside the soul. It’s not a mere thing for a mother to sell the soul of her child to evil spiritually and sympathise with him physically while he passes through affliction. The secret of secrets belongs to the Almighty and if He fails to reveal and rescue, many people will die in their affliction.

While Jesus was growing up, many young women in those days thought He would end up marrying one of them. As the time of fulfilment was approaching, His desire for the things of this Earth started diminishing. The same Person who could interact with them freely now began to withdraw Himself back from them. They didn’t know His mission wasn’t of this Earth. Somebody who thought he could seize the opportunity as a tool to destroy Him was disappointment. After His Baptism, the Spirit led Him to the Desert for self-crucifixion. There He put His flesh to death. If He had failed to do that, without doubt, Satan would have got Him.

As He grew up in Ministry, the time of His final fulfilment was also approaching, Satan didn’t want Him to slip away from his hand. He derived another strategy to catch Him. He hid himself inside some of the women. Because the men were close to Jesus while Mary His mother took charge of the women, Satan pushed the women to pressurise Mary and she went in search of her Son. This was why the Master said, “Who is My mother and who are My brothers?” – (Matthew 12:48). He didn’t say it to despise Mary, but because of the danger that’s involved. Satan wanted Him to do what would make the Father to reject Him.

O you mothers, it’s a dangerous thing to stand in the way of the Almighty. Yes, you carried that child in your womb for nine months, somebody carried you also. Yes, you cared for that child until adulthood, somebody cared for you also. This is the Law of the Earth and there is nothing you can do about it. If you want to stand in the way of the Father in the lives of your children, know it for sure that disaster will catch-up with you unexpectedly. Jehovah God has no hand in evil. If you’ve chosen the way of destruction and death, you’re free to go there. But leave the blessing of the Father alone to fulfil the mission of the Father. The children of the Father are His blessings! Mary was crowned for her good work, you too will be crowned if you obey the Word of the Father.

My Task For Today

1) I will help the Father to fulfil His mission in the lives of my children.
2) I will not be a tool of destruction in the hand of Satan to destroy my children.
3) I will train my children, the children the Father put in my care in His way, so He could reward me as He rewarded Mary.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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