15th November 2018

Joke Not With Your Life

Word From The Father

Any man who knows what’s good and does the opposite is categorised as a wicked man. If you’re not blind, you’ll not see a pit and purposely jump into it. If you do it, people will know you’re on a suicide mission. And if they love you, they’ll quickly run to your rescue before you waste your life. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Authority. I Am the Ruler of all mankind.

If I sent My Son to this Earth to die for all of you, that doesn’t give you a license to commit sin. Many of you lack wisdom and knowledge how to serve Me. You’re of the notion that I will always forgive you whenever you commit sin, even if you willfully commit it. You still believe I will forgive you. Yes, I will forgive you because you’re the one that gave birth to Me. Yes, I will forgive you because My Son died in vain. You forgot that every sin you committed lives on in you and there’s no remedy.

Why did I kill My children in the time of old? Why should I keep you alive, drinking My water, eating My food for no reason? What benefit do I have in you? You and your children are waste. You’re good for nothing because you call Me a fool. If you can willfully commit sin and still think I’ll always forgive you, that means you’re completely useless. A piece of paper is better than you.

Are you the owner of your life? I Am the Owner! Do you think you can play around with your life and nothing happens to you? You’re only a farmer sowing seed, but your own seed is a seed of evil. If you sow a seed, won’t you water it? You will do! When it’s time for harvest, won’t you reap the produce of your farm? You will! But you didn’t sow a good seed, you only sowed an evil seed, and you’ll reap and enjoy it.

Whenever all of you gather together, I want to see what you’re teaching and learning. I want to see the kind of message you’re teaching My children. If they don’t hear, they don’t know what to do. If they’re on a cross road, how will they know which way to follow if you don’t teach them how to walk in My ways? All of you are serving Me in flesh, serving Me in sin.

When I look the kind of life all of you live day-by-day, I shake My head. I shake My head because I know how your end will be. Can you put fire on your roof and sleep? Can you hold serpent in your hands without feeling his venom? This is the life all of you are living. You willingly put your hands into tortoise anus and hoping to get it out unhurt. Continue to joke with your life and see what follows. Whenever you’re hurt, you’ll cry to your Father to rescue you. Yes, I will rescue you, but the scar will be there, and you will be lucky as well if you remain alive.

My Emphasis

Many children of the Father in the time of old lived their lives in ignorance, hoping the Father will come to their rescue, but were disappointed and death took them away unaware. As each day passes by, we grow old. We grow old in wisdom and knowledge. But there are two sides to this: in good or evil.

One may look at himself in a mirror and either appreciate himself or hate himself. But it’s very rare for a man to hate himself. Everybody loves himself, no matter how you look like. Yet, that physical body will end up somewhere below. But the most important one is the one inside, this is why the Father always speaks, so we can keep it clean.

Beloved, the life we live each day matters a lot. The way we live it, and how we live it will determine how our end will be. Many live their lives as if they don’t care, yet, they will quickly open their mouth and start crying whenever their action boomeranged. Weeping and crying solve no problem at all. The only solution to everything is the life we live in the Father, the life of Jesus Christ. And if we live otherwise, we’ll end up down the pit below. I pray that Jesus Christ will continually lead you each day of your life, so that you will seize living unprofitable life, a life that doesn’t befit Him in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will think well before taking any action about my life.
2) I will strive to live the life of Jesus Christ every day.
3) I will be very careful the kind of life I live, else, Satan will lead me to where I don’t expect.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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