15th May 2018

The Great Deliverer

Word From The Father

If I deliver you, who will capture you again. If I set you free, you’re free forever. And if I forgive you, nobody will hold your sin against you. I Am the Mighty Man-In-Battle. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am All-In-All.

Many of you don’t know I’m with you until the worse happens. Who created all things? Who created evil? Am I not the One who formed good and evil? Am I not the One who created darkness and light? No matter how powerful any demon may be, I Am the Creator. What I created cannot be more powerful than Me. I know how I formed every creature and I know how I can destroy them.

Many of you don’t believe in Me that I can rescue you from evil. Some of you said I did it in the time of old, but I cannot do it again. I Am Unchangeable God. I remain the same. Nobody can battle with Me and win. That’s why My name is Jehovah The Man of War. I Am not a loser; I Am always a Winner.

All of you don’t give Me chance to rescue or deliver you. You don’t give Me chance to fight for you. Can you fight for yourself? Can you deliver yourself? How can you fight with who you can’t see? How can you deliver yourself from invisible enemy? But I can deliver you. Though you cannot see Me, but I will fight and deliver you. This is why I’m called Silent Warrior.

If you believe in Me, you will do My will. If you do My will, you call My power to action. Whoever touches you touches Me. I will rise with My power and fight your enemy because your enemy is My enemy. This is why I keep telling all of you to stop committing sin. Your sin cut My hand short. If the enemy lured you to commit sin, the same enemy will report your case to Me. And if you’re guilty after I’ve heard your case, there’s nothing I can do. This is why I said your sin cut My hand short. I know no one is holy like Me, but I want you to try your best and leave the rest for Me. Let them plan whatever they want to do to you in deepest darkness, I will rescue you because darkness is like light to Me. In everything, wash your hands clean, so that when the enemy come upon you suddenly, I can deliver you.

My Emphasis

When the enemy gather around us, we will fear no evil for greater is the One who carried us on His eagle’s wings. No matter what the adversary plans, we will surely overcome, because He who called us to walk with Him will for no means abandon us half way.

Lord, Thy Word abideth,
And our footsteps guideth;
Who its truth believeth,
Light and joy receiveth.

When our foes are near us,
Then Thy Word doth cheer us,
Word of consolation,
Message of salvation.

When the storms are o’er us,
And dark clouds before us,
Then its light directeth,
And our way protecteth.

Who can tell the pleasure,
Who recount the treasure,
By Thy Word imparted
To the simple hearted?

Word of mercy, giving
Succor to the living;
Word of life, supplying
Comfort to the dying!

O that we, discerning,
Its most holy learning,
Lord, may love and fear Thee,
Evermore be near Thee!

My Task For Today

1) I will speak the Word of God with boldness.
2) I will believe in the Father and His Son.
3) I will always trust in Him whose name is Mighty Man-In-Battle.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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