15th March 2018

Wrong Assignment

Word From The Father

When I sent you to this Earth, I programmed your journey into your Spirit. Whatever I didn’t program into your Spirit, that means is not what you’re supposed to do. Many of My children abandoned the assignment I gave them to do. They left theirs and pursue another man’s assignment. I Am the Almighty God. As I love, so I programmed the lives of all My children.

If you’re meant to be a lawyer, but you chose to be a doctor, no matter how brilliant you are, you will fail because that’s not what I sent you to do on this Earth. If you’re to be a hairdresser, dressing people’s hair, if you leave it and pursue a different career, you cannot excel because that’s not what I sent you to do. If you’re to be a gateman, but you want to be something else, you’re only wasting your time because that’s not what I sent you to do. And if I didn’t create you to be My servant, and you force yourself to be, you hang yourself because Satan will use you to destroy My children.

I created some women and sent them to this Earth just to produce children. I that gave them such assignment would provide all their needs. I created some people and sent them to this Earth to be fed by others. They’re not to do any work; they would eat through the encouragement they give people each day. No matter what I gave you to do, I didn’t give you alone, I gave you and your generation. Many have married wrong husband or wife. They abandoned their lives and pursue another man’s life. If you marry wrong spouse, you’ll produce wrong children. The community and nation would then dance to the music of disaster.

In My house today, there are pastors everywhere, yet, the Earth turns upside down. If you line up one-hundred pastors, I didn’t choose seventy-five percent of them. They chose themselves. This is why Satan is using them to send My children to Hellfire. My children too are foolish because they ignore My Word. I Am the Great Teacher. Nobody can teach Me. I own everything. I Am the Author and the Finisher of knowledge. The Earth came from Me and will also return back to Me.

My Emphasis

We live in a world where everywhere is full of university graduates. Those who gained first degree would go for another degree. Many are in wrong jobs because they’re overqualified. In a world where university graduates are working as cleaners, you must know that something is wrong. If you’re meant to marry a carpenter, and you went to the university and gained higher degree, would you come back and marry a carpenter? You will end up in a wrong hand. But your glory is only compatible with that man who is an ordinary carpenter. What would you do? You’ve missed it.

A lot of things we look as mere things are what Satan uses to destroy the children of the Father. He knows what’s keyed, programmed into individual’s Spirit. If you derail from the path where the Almighty God has placed you, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll realise you’ve missed it. A man who wasn’t meant to be a medical doctor, went to the university and graduated as a doctor. He was doing okay until when Satan used his hand to kill somebody. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Whatever the Father programmed into your Spirit, you will definitely know. A primary school teacher who is spiritually minded must know the profession of all her pupil. Whatever a child would be is easily detected between age zero and five. Only if the teacher is spiritually sensitive. But the world has turned upside down. We live in a world where no one values the Father anymore. Everyone is running a rat race, a race of failure.

As a true child of God, it’s not too late to pursue your God’s given assignment. If you know you’ve missed it, and you’re not yet at the evening of your life, it’s not too late to pursue it.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness if I’ve missed my divine assignment.
2) I will seek the leading of the Holy Spirit before making any choice.
3) I will wait patiently for my time.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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