15th July 2018

The Heart Of Saul

Word From The Father

When I led My children to the Promised Land, though they’ve started prostituting themselves, yet, I still cared for them. My plan was to continue to lead them until the time I would hand them over to a King who would lead them. But what did they do? They rejected Me! They preferred the leading of a man above Mine. They sinned! When I finally handed them to Saul in My anger, their sin robbed him. I Am the Almighty God. Nobody spit on My face and go free.

When I brought them out of Egypt, I used Moses to cover Myself because no one could see Me. I led them by Myself. I knew they would need a King. This was why I gave Judah to Jacob. But Saul was a son of Benjamin. He wasn’t born to rule My children. I gave him to them in My anger. He had a good heart like every other man, he loved his family, but this is not the kind of heart I need. A King must carry everybody along. He must not be selfish in making decisions.

Many of you, I know the kind of heart you have. You’re just exactly like Saul. You love what belongs to you, but care less what belongs to others. That is not My kind of heart. You have a selfish heart! Anyone who wants to walk with Me, anyone who wants to work for Me must have My kind of heart. He must know how to carry everybody along. The strong and the weak are all Mine. I undermine nobody.

In a nation, where the leader cares only about those who’re able to care for themselves, how will the nation be? I didn’t create all of you equal. Have you ever seen a nation where all of them are millionaires before? No matter how rich a nation is, there must still be the poor among them. Somebody built a mansion, living there with his family. Somebody will be a driver to drive them. Somebody will be their cook. Somebody will be their cleaner. Somebody will be their gateman. And all these people I mentioned have their own family. Yet, they depend on the owner of the mansion to make their living. This is how I created everything. If everybody is a millionaire, how will the Earth be? But if the owner of the mansion says, well, I have my family, we do everything by ourselves, that means he’s a selfish man. This is how many of you are, even in My house.

For any of you to live and be remembered for good, you must have a caring heart, not a selfish heart. You must have a good heart, not an evil heart. You must put My desire above yours. This is the only way you can die and enter My rest.

My Emphasis

The way of a man is right and pure in his eyes, but the Almighty weighs the motive of his heart. Because Satan has planted the seed of selfishness into every heart, this is why families are tearing apart, this is why every leader is godless. As a godly leader, before you make any decision, you’ll weigh and think it twice.

In the body of Christ, if a leader is not selfish, he’ll not hide the truth from his congregation. He will not pamper them when he knows they’re not living in the will of the Father. Every man who loves his family, if he’s a leader, he’ll not allow evil to befall anyone under his care. As a leader of a nation, if you care alone about your wife and children, you have to know who you are.

Every heart that doesn’t love the Word of the Father hates Him. If there is no love of the Father in our heart, it’s very difficult to love the work of His hands. This is the problem on this Earth. For light of Christ to shine and overpower every darkness in every heart, the love of Christ must first of all conquer the heart. But if we don’t give Him chance, there’s nothing He can do. He will not force Himself on us, He will not act against our will.

Those who choose to live right will love the Father and His Christ above all things. This is the only way our lives can be how the Father wants it to be. If we remove selfishness from our way and allow the light of Jesus Christ to overpower every darkness of our heart, we shall conquer whatever comes our way. Glory to God! Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will have a heart of the Father.
2) I will love every work of the Father.
3) I will remove every selfishness from my way.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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