14th September 2018

The Spirit Of Slavery

Word From The Father

Before I brought My children out of Egypt, I asked Moses to teach them many things. They were to renounce a lot of things they’ve been doing. They were to stop eating some kinds of food they’ve been eaten. They were to renounce many things. When I watched them to a stage and My time was ripe, I began to afflict the Egyptians. I purposely prolonged the plagues, so they could put their trust in Me. I knew what I was doing with them. I knew where I was leading them to. But they had no clue what would happen by the end of the day. I knew many of them would perish in the journey because their Spirit and soul have married with the demons in them. But My plan was to save their children. I Am the Almighty God. Nobody undermines My authority and go free. I Am the only One who can either deliver you out of trouble or deliver you into trouble. I Am the Great I Am That I Am.

It is very easy and sweet to cry ‘Father, deliver me; Father deliver me’. If I come down to deliver you, you’ll even wish you’ve not cried for Me to come down because if I touch the demons in you, you can only survive it by My grace. I know what I created, and I know how I created them. This is why I give all of you the opportunity to deliver yourself. If you deliver yourself, the demons will live you gradually. But if I strike them, it depends the ones inside you, you may even die. I Am a Holy Father. I hate evil! Sin is an abomination to Me. When I kept warning them in the Wilderness, they thought it was a joke. They rebelled against My son Moses several times. The demons in them wanted them to remain slaves forever, but I wouldn’t forget the Covenant I made with their father Abraham. If I start any work, I must complete it. I Am not a wicked Father. I hate evil. When they were in the Wilderness, I began to teach them how to be holy. They were all dirty! They’ve acquired many demons. Many of them were into witchcraft which I hate. They loved to serve Me, but they’ve stayed too long in Egypt. The longer you live as a slave, the longer it will take for the spirit of slavery to leave you. This was what happened to them.

All of you fall into the same category. You’ve lived in Egypt for too long and getting you out of there became a problem. You’re not helping yourself. As the Israelites were remembering garlic and cucumber, so also the spirit of sin in you is pulling you back from doing My will. Yet, until you do My will, you cannot enter the Promised Land. I used the Israelites as an example for all of you. Many of you in the church are supposed to be living in the Wilderness where I would teach you. But you gave your life to My Son and went back to Egypt. Yet, you want to enter the Promised Land. All of you are calling Me a fool. Can you eat your cake and have it? Can you sleep in two rooms at the same time? This is what many of you are doing. With one leg, you’re in the church, with the other leg, you’re in Egypt. The demons in you want you to remain their slave forever, so they could lead you to Hellfire. But none of you is wise to forget the life you’ve lived in Egypt and remain focus, so you can walk with Me and enter My rest.

My own servants who’re to lead My children to Heaven are the ones dragging them back to Egypt because the spirit of slavery in them is pulling them back. As the spirit is pulling them back, they’re also pulling their followers. In some churches, they turn the Bible upside down to justify the kind of life they live. They’ll teach you how to dress worldly. They’ll teach you how to make wealth. They’ll teach you how to acquire all the things of this Earth. Heaven is not in their agenda at all. This is a highway to Hellfire. My children too follow them cheaply because they love the things of this Earth. But I Am the Almighty God and My Word will never return to Me empty. Those who follow My way will pass through many afflictions like My children in the Wilderness. But by the end of the way, they’ll enter My rest.

My Emphasis

What led the Israelites to the Wilderness? Why didn’t the Father lead them from Egypt straight to the Promised Land? As slaves, the spirit of slavery needs to be taken away from you before you can be free totally. If you tie a goat to a tree for several days, if you untie him, instead of him to run away, he’ll remain on the same spot as if he’s still tied. This was the case with the Israelites. They were slaves in Egypt for several years before the Father delivered them through Moses. The spirit of slavery refused to let go. This was why the Father dealt with them with iron hand.

As Christians, you think the race is shallow. When you willingly gave your life to Jesus Christ, you thought it was a shallow race. You’re like a man who dive into the river without the awareness of the depth of it. The Father only used the Israelites as an example of the race to Heaven. The very day you gave your life to Jesus Christ, after you confessed your sins and are baptised, you will spend the rest of your life in the Wilderness. God helps you if you survive the journey. The longer you stayed in Egypt, the longer it’ll take before the spirit of slavery will leave you. This also depends on your willingness.

In the Book of Matthew 22:1-14, Our Lord compared Heaven with a King who gave a wedding gift to his son. The invitees refused to attend. Then the King was angry and sent his servants to bring in the abandoned ones from the street. They came in numbers. The Master concluded His parable in verse 14 that, “Many are called but few are chosen.” The church is full of multitude, yet, only few among them are on the narrow path that leads to glory. But the majority are on the highway to Hellfire. Why? Because the things of the flesh have taken over their heart and soul. They love to go to Heaven, but they find it hard to forsake the food of the Egyptians.

Any Christian who hate to hear the Word of holiness will perish in the Wilderness. The Father didn’t kill His Son for nothing and no one can make jest of that name. Either you like it or not, once you claim you’re a Christian, given your life to the Master, you must allow the water of Christianity to be seen in you. You cannot be a Christian and be a friend of the world. Those who love the world are controlled by the spirit of sin, which is the demons living in them. But those who hate the world are controlled by the Spirit of holiness which is of the Father and His Son. Choose wisely where you want to belong. There’s a great reward for you at last. May the grace of Him who shed His precious blood for you guide your Spirit and soul and make you focus, so that you don’t look back like lots wife and the Israelites who loved the food of the Egyptians. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will confess all my sins and renounce every spirit of the past.
2) I will put down my head willingly and learn at the feet of the Master.
3) I will not allow my heart to dictate my life and future, rather, I’ll allow Holy Spirit to take lead while I follow.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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